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LOTTO LOVE; Remember him? The lottery winner who vowed to blow the lott. Now he's hit the jackpot again, by finding a...EXCLUSIVE.

Byline: Sarah Arnold

LOTTO millionaire Matt Myles has revealed how he has stopped blowing his cash on wild parties after falling in love with an air hostess.

Matt, 28, spent PS50,000 "living the dream", visiting 22 countries, necking champagne and dating "an abundance" of women.

But he has turned his back on the party lifestyle thanks to Tasha Dodd, who made him realise he should stop spending and invest instead.

He told the Sunday People: "Tasha and my mum joined forces to stop me going off the rails with my win.

"I felt incredibly lucky to have won so much - now I feel lightning has struck twice. I've turned my back on party girls whose eyes lit up as soon as they knew I'd won the lottery."

Matt was first introduced to Tasha by a mutual friend six years ago, when he was in the Army.

After meeting on a night out at Birkenhead's Bam Buddha Lounge nightclub, they hooked up on Facebook, chatting daily.

Following his PS1million lucky number win on EuroMillions in April last year, Matt took off on an eight-month round-the-world trip with brother Pete, 27. The duo lived it up in Italy, Bali, America, Thailand and Brazil, to name a few - even popping home in the middle to host a PS37,000 Great Gatsby party for his birthday.

And he was constantly updating Tasha on his exploits all the way.

Matt said: "I was going through money like water. There were models, some average girls you'd meet in the street, and two girls even threw themselves at me at once. You lose a sense of reality.

"Tasha told me, 'People will think you're a prat, if you keep meeting different women, you might miss the woman for you right under your nose'."

They started dating in December after meeting up in Duabi, where Tasha lived. The relationship has the blessing of Matt's mum Vivien, 47, who told him it was "time to make a million, not be the man who blew a million"

He now has his own property company, MPJ Property, and lives off his investments in a PS250,000 six-bedroom house in Hereford.

Matt said: "After all the models it's ironic the girl of my dreams was under my nose. It's like winning the lottery all over again."

Tasha said: "He used to fill me in on girls he met and I'd roll my eyes. They were after one thing.

"I said he needed to meet someone who meant more than a bit of fun. I didn't think that'd be me, but we've never been happier."

Girls threw themselves at me, you lose all sense of reality And guess what, she's a flight attendant


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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 9, 2015
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