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Byline: By Abby Alford and Ben Glaze South Wales Echo

Two boys who became lost in a nature reserve as temperatures plummeted are lucky to be alive. Rescuers found the boys, who were suffering from hypothermia, in the nick of time at Kenfig Hill Nature Reserve. The dramatic rescue comes as the big freeze continues and thousands of pupils are kept at home as schools across the region close again today.: FROM PAGE 2: Teenagers saved after ice drama in parkland:Two teenagers are lucky to be alive after getting lost in a nature reserve as temperatures plummeted and snow began to fall. The emergency services faced a race against time to find the boys, who were suffering from hypothermia, in the darkness.

It is believed the 16 and 17-year-old, thought to be from North Cornelly, near Porthcawl, became disoriented after going for a ride on their bikes in nearby Kenfig Nature Reserve on Wednesday afternoon.

Hours later they were located by the police helicopter's thermal imaging camera and winched to safety by the RAF.

A police spokesman said the boys had a mobile phone with them and rang their parents at around 7pm when they could not find their way out of the network of sand dunes.

Their parents called the police and drove to the nature reserve's visitor centre from where they continued to talk to the boys by phone, while relaying their condition to the emergency services.

Porthcawl coastguard Alison Missen said the police helicopter located them by Kenfig Pool at around 8.45pm and tried to guide police, officers, a paramedic and another coastguard to them. But their path was blocked by a number of locked gates.

'The kids knew we were looking for them, but they must've been scared to death,' she said.

More than an hour later the search team found a way through and discovered both boys had got soaking wet after straying into the boggy area around the pool.

'They were very, very cold,' said Alison.

'One of them couldn't feel the bottom half of himself at all and had lost the ability to move.' With no time to waste, the search team wrapped the boys in blankets until the Sea King rescue helicopter from RAF Chivenor in Devon arrived and winched them to safety, before taking them to Bridgend's Princess of Wales Hospital for treatment. Alison said: 'They were very lucky boys.' Were you the teenagers rescued from the sand dunes? Do you know them? Contact Abby Alford on 01656 304914.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 9, 2007
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