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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking Glass Technologies, Inc., one of the premier developers of flight simulation and entertainment software, announced today that it has shipped worldwide over 200,000 units of its Immersive Reality(TM) flight simulation software, Flight Unlimited(TM).

Looking Glass Technologies, is one of the first gaming companies to ship fully localized versions simultaneously in the United States and in Europe. Through close coordination with international partners, Looking Glass was able to create fully localized versions including packaging, documentation and audio logs of Flight Unlimited in English, French, and German at initial ship out. Future releases include versions in Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

Flight Unlimited is a revolutionary breakthrough in flight simulation design that captures the most accurate sensation of flight possible on a PC. The realism of Flight Unlimited is further enhanced by breathtaking, photo-realistic, panoramas and terrain of actual locations, such as: Denali, Alaska; Sugarloaf, Maine; and Dinan, France. Flight Unlimited offers five high performance aerobatic aircrafts, over 30 audio lessons, and 50 challenging aerial race courses, creating a sensation of realism that no other flight simulator has been able to achieve.

Pricing, Availability

Flight Unlimited is available at all major retail outlets for CD-ROM equipped PC's. The minimum requirement is a 486/33DX MHz computer with 8 MB RAM and 2x CD-ROM drive. The recommended requirement is a 486/66DX PC or higher with 8 MB RAM and 2x CD-ROM drive. As the software has been developed utilizing scalable technology, owners of high performance computers will be able to access higher frame rates at increased detail settings. The program supports VGA/Super VGA graphics, as well as most popular PC sound boards. The game will also support most external flight sticks, yokes, rudder pedals, and VR headmounted displays. Flight Unlimited(TM) suggested retail price is $79.95.

Looking Glass Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., is a prominent developer of entertainment and simulation software for home computer and video game systems primarily distinguished by its expertise in 3-D technologies. The founders of Looking Glass Technologies have been the talent behind some of the best-known and best- selling titles in the interactive entertainment industry for the past ten years. Their many creations -- including John Madden Football '93(TM), F-22 Interceptor(TM), the series Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer(TM), the Ultima(R) Underworld(TM) series, and the recently released and critically acclaimed System Schock(TM) -- have garnered critical acclaim and over a dozen awards for best games in their category while generating over $90 million in retail sales for the various publishers of these products.
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/CONTACT: Nancy Scott or Larry Bouchie of LNS Communications, 617-577-9777, or Michael Sack of Looking Glass Technologies, Inc., 617-441-6333, ext. 239/

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Date:Jun 7, 1995

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