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LOOK: Sol Mercado surprises Denise Laurel with 'fairy tale' birthday party.

For the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) star Sol Mercado, the best way to mark his girlfriend Denise Laurel's birthday is by throwing her a surprise party.

Laurel, who celebrated her 31st birthday on Sunday, Sept. 30, took to Instagram to recount how she was tricked into attending a party for herself. Apparently, Mercado made her believe they were only going to dine with their family.

'They got me! They really really really got me good!' said Laurel in an Instagram post yesterday, Oct. 2. 'I didn't even brush my hair or get to fix my face lol. I had no idea at! I thought we were going to the mall to have dinner with family! But this very very sneaky guy had other plans!'

It turns out Laurel hadn't celebrated her birthday in years and her beau's surprise was very much appreciated.

'I am happy and touched beyond words baby thank you for the best birthday ever!' she said. 'It was a beautiful and magical evening that will last me a lifetime! Everything was beautiful, dreamy romantic but my favorite part just so relaxed and about being together!'

Mercado did not scrimp on the expenses for the party, making sure it was as elegant as Laurel. The venue was littered with string lights, making the party even more fairy tale-like.

The table arrangement did not disappoint either - with sparkling stemware, matching golden candles and plates, and vases of little blooms, the party is truly fit for a queen.

Just when one thinks Laurel's birthday party cannot get any better, Mercado went and bought her a divine two-layered chocolate cake with scrumptious chocolates as toppers.

Of course, Mercado and Laurel spent the night wrapped up in each other's arms.

Laurel's happiness would not be complete without the presence of her son, Davian Alejandro.

With her family in attendance, Laurel was the happiest birthday girl.

Laurel and Mercado had been engaged in 2013 before calling it quits in 2016. The two eventually got back together.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Oct 3, 2018
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