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LOGNet, your online tool room.

Dear Editor:

We have received many requests for tactical SOPs (TACSOPs) for the new modular logistics units of the brigade combat; team (BCT). Courtesy of the 4th Inf Div, the Logistics Network (LOGNet) now offers TACSOPs on-line:

BCT Support Bn (BSB)

BCT BSB Distribution Company

BCT BSB Field Maintenance Company

BCT Combat; Bn Forward Support; Company

To get; the TACSOPs go to the TACSOP URL: In the Features box (center of the page) click on the TACSOP you want.

Submissions Wanted

LOGNet welcomes similar TACSOPs for the new sustainment; brigade and the new combat support battalions (CSB). If you have one in a Microsoft Word Format, upload it to the TACSOP section by Following SOP Library submission procedures.

Thanks for keeping your readers informed!

Sincerely, Mr Bob Dalton, LOGNet

Editor's note: A growing strength of our Army is the ability of soldiers to share info among professionals, regardless of rank. LOGNet is a living library of knowledge and ideas. Here's more info on LOGNet.

The SOP Library and Topic Areas

Common to most pages in LOGNet is the Explorer column shown below. Four major communities and nine topic folders are found in the Explorer column. The communities include: Ordnance, Transportation, Quartermaster, and Battle Staff, Multifunctional and Automation. Clicking on any of the communities or topic folders will take you to a list of available topics in that area. The following list of topics is representative of what's available.

Quartermaster--An Army Combat Uniform topic sponsored by PEO Soldier: ev_en.php?ID=13833_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC

Ordnance--A topic area devoted to Field Maintenance Issues: ev_en.php?ID=12183_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC

Quartermaster--A Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) Information topic sponsored by PEO Soldier: ev_en.php?ID=9436_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC

Official LOGNet Tools--The official LOGNet Tools topic: ev_en.php?ID=10278_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC

Battle Staff, Multifunctional and Automation--A topic on CFLCC C4 Theater Property Book Operation: ev_en.php?ID=12690_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC logistics Training Development--The

Logistics Training Development topic sponsored by CASCOM: ev_en.php?ID=14289_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC

SOP LIBRARY--A Logistics SOP Library (more than 90 SOPs/TACSOPs): ev_en.php?ID=13603_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC
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Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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