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 COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Lockheed Sanders Inc. and Irvine Sensors Corp. (NASDAQ: IRSN) announced a teaming agreement under which the Lockheed unit will use Irvine Sensors' Memory Short Stack(TM) technology to establish a line of solid state data recorders intended for space and military application. Irvine Sensors will act as a supplier of Memory Short Stacks to support the Lockheed Sanders initiative. The initial parts will be built at a production line established by IBM which has entered into a joint development alliance with Irvine Sensors to commercialize chip-stacking technology.
 Lockheed Sanders, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed headquartered in Nashua, N.H., is a recognized leader in the design and development of military and space-based electronic systems, specializing in tape recorders and processor systems for avionics and space-borne systems. This field is expected to undergo significant changes in the next few years as increases in semiconductor memory density make high- capacity, solid-state recording devices practical. Such devices provide inherently higher speeds and reliability than tape recorders since they have no moving parts. Irvine Sensors offers Lockheed Sanders an accelerated path to make this transition using Memory Short Stacks. A Memory Short Stack contains up to 10 memory chips, thinned and bonded together, which can fit in the space a single chip occupies. Because of their compact size, Memory Short Stacks can be "virtual memory chips," offering capacities today not expected to be generally available with monolithic chips for several years. Lockheed Sanders expects to be able to exploit this advanced capability in its product designs.
 "The Lockheed Sanders initiative has given us a focus for early definition of a Memory Short Stack product," said James Alexiou, Irvine's chief executive officer. "We have developed a Dynamic RAM Memory Short Stack that can be delivered in both 64 Mb and 80 Mb configurations to satisfy the needs of customers such as Lockheed. We expect this product to generate wide interest."
 Lockheed Sanders indicated that the commercialization of the Memory Short Stack technology through Irvine's alliance with IBM played a key role in its decision to adopt the technology for its next generation designs. "The cost reductions possible due to potentially widespread commercial use offer us an additional competitive advantage," said a Lockheed Sanders spokesman.
 The two companies announced their teaming agreement at an awards dinner held in Anaheim, Calif., at Technology 2003, the fourth national technology transfer conference sponsored by NASA, NASA Tech Briefs, and the Technology Utilization Foundation. Irvine Sensors received NASA Tech Briefs magazine's Award Of Innovation "presented annually to a private sector organization that has worked with the National Aeronautics & Space Administration to bring an important new technology to market." The award was for the commercialization of Irvine's Memory Short Stack technology. Irvine Sensors extended recognition at this dinner to both IBM as its strategic partner and Lockheed Sanders as an early customer for Memory Short Stacks. Both firms were represented at the dinner.
 Lockheed Sanders is engaged in development, manufacture, and sale of advanced electronic systems and products in a broad range of defense electronic markets. The company is a major producer of electronic and infrared countermeasures for aircraft self-protection and is the industry leader in the development of automated mission planning systems. Other major business areas of the Lockheed unit include ground surveillance and target acquisition radar systems; signals intelligence and communications jamming systems; automated test systems; weapons displays; controls and displays subsystems; antisubmarine warfare; and training and simulation.
 Irvine Sensors, headquartered in Costa Mesa, is primarily engaged in the development of sensing devices and high density packaging of computer electronics which are intended to have broad applications in military and commercial systems. Irvine has entered into a strategic alliance with IBM to commercialize its technology for computer applications.
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 /CONTACT: John Stuart, CFO of Irvine Sensors, 714-549-8211; or Edda Brown, Richmont Consulting, 213-658-8088/

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