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LOAD OF BULL; Furious Colin slams claims he'll play an IRA killer in movie.


HOLLYWOOD hunk Colin Farrell was so upset yesterday over a bogus story that he is to play a Provo killer that he made a transatlantic call to Ireland to denounce it.

He described the report as "bull" and added: "It's a complete load of twaddle. I had no f*****g idea. I have completely nothing to do with it. It's hurtful and disrespectful. It's irresponsible.

"I am very annoyed about it. I want the victims' families to know. I have nothing to do with it."

Speaking to Gerry Ryan on his RTE morning show from his US home in Virginia, Farrell said he was shocked when his family told him about the story in a downmarket Sunday newspaper.

The report claimed that Farrell was to take a small role in a movie called The Time Has Come as a murderous friend of IRA gunman Francis Hughes.

The character reportedly escapes after gunning down one SAS soldier and wounding another.

Dubliner Farrell, 28, said: "Oh f***, my stomach just sank when my family phoned and told me there was a bit of a fuss going on.

"And I was told that the family of those murdered at the hands of this fella very upset and distraught.

"They were wondering why it was being made and saying it should be left alone.

"It's all nonsense. I had never even heard about this film. I understand why the people involved, who have lost husband, sons and fathers are very upset by this."

But Farrell said films should tell all kinds of stories once they can be used to educate viewers.

He said: "You can never right the wrongs of history. But you can do something to educate people so they don't go down the same road again."

He said he was only speaking out to reassure the victims' relatives.

But Farrell was cheered up by yesterday's Irish Mirror story about the size of his manhood.

He laughed about the nude scene in his new film A Home At The End Of The World being cut because audiences found it too distracting.

In the Mirror he said: "I think that the problem is that they are just going, 'Oh my god, Colin Farrell's c**k.

"Was it too big, was it too small, was it too wide, was it too skinny, was it an innie or an outie?'"

On Ryan's show yesterday he said: "There was a full-frontal. I am a brave man. They cut it out anyway."

Asked where he was speaking from, he said: "I'm lying in my scratcher, naked as the day as I was born, trying to figure why they cut that beautiful piece of manhood out of my last film."


ANGRY: Colin Farrell denies film claim; YESTERDAY'S Mirror
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2004
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