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LIZ WRIGHT: Production Assistant.

Liz Wright came to AMS by a slightly roundabout path. A native of Houston, Texas, she came north for college and received her B.A. from Wellesley College, then returned to Houston to work in her local independent bookstore as the children's books specialist. She moved back to Boston for graduate school at the Center for the Study of Children's Literature at Simmons College (now University). After receiving her MFA in writing for children in 2018, she decided she wanted to continue working in publishing and found the production team in the AMS Publications Department to be a perfect fit.

"In our current climate--literal and metaphorical--I found I really wanted to contribute to helping scientists who study our world get their research out there," Liz says.

As a member of the production team, Liz provides support to authors as they submit their manuscripts and during the production process. The part she appreciates the most is helping authors ensure they've provided everything necessary to meet submission requirements and for their papers to proceed into peer review. While the submission requirements are always evolving to best fit the needs of both authors and reviewers, they serve as an important step to ensure the journals' volunteer editors and reviewers can make the most of the time they dedicate to the review process.

Of the production assistants, Liz works the most with authors submitting to BAMS. She enjoys getting to work with the wide variety of article types that comprise a BAMS issue, including the State of the Climate and Explaining Extreme Events supplements.

"My hometown, Houston, has seen a lot of extreme weather events in the last few years," Liz notes. "I really appreciate being able to help spread the best knowledge we have about the causes and outcomes of storms like Hurricane Harvey."

As a person with an academic but not traditionally scientific background, Liz appreciates how BAMS especially reaches a broad audience of readers.

"As a newer team member at AMS, working on BAMS has been wonderful to really understand how many different types of members there are who read and contribute," Liz says. "And with the Centennial events coming up, it's been excellent to get a picture of the Society's history and to understand how the publications are part of a much broader mission."

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