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Byline: Andrew Baldwin ,

Bonded goods Above, Richard Mervill dresses the part to show off the sea scooters. And below, the underwater action in Thunderball, with Sean Connery as James Bond

Pools get new 007-style gadgets for swimmers to have fun on

OK, they can't provide fancy tuxedos, an Aston Martin or even vodka Martinis ... shaken, not stirred.

But here's chance for people to be James Bond for a while as they try out the very latest in underwater gadgets at swimming pools in Calderdale.

Pool managers have bought 10 sea scooters, similar to, but more advanced than, the ones used by 007 to travel underwater in the film Thunderball.

They are available in sessions at pools across Calderdale.

Fitness instructor Richard Mervill tried the sea scooters out for size and couldn't resist donning the rest of the Bond gear as well.

He said: "Sea scooters are becoming more and more affordable. Some models are under pounds 200. And we're convinced that they will be the next big must have gadget."

Calderdale Council is one of the first councils in the country to offer them .

Already sessions are being booked up.

The price is pounds 6.50 per session, or pounds 5.50 with a Calderdale Leisure Passport.

Children using Brighouse Pool have been among the first to have a go - and loved it.

Youngsters aged between eight and 11 took part in an hour-long session, with the baths closed to other users.

They completed obstacle courses including forward rolls and flying through hoops, and also used the sea scooters in an underwater treasure hunt.

A spokesman said: "They're brilliant and the kids got used to them very quickly.

"They are very safe, as the electric motors cut out if someone lets go, but they can get up to quite a speed."

To find out when sea scooter sessions are available, people should contact their local swimming pool.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2005
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