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WHEN icons start behaving badly or when strange things start happening to your Mac, one of the first things to do is rebuild your desktop.

The Mac thinks of its screen as a desktop; the easiest way to rebuild it is by holding down Command and Option key at startup, hold them down until you are asked if you want to rebuild your desktop, and then click yes.

What this does is replace or update invisible files on your desktop that the Finder needs to find and launch other applications.

This action could also help if an application won't launch.

Another useful and easy thing to try is zapping the PRAM, (p-RAM).

PRAM is memory that is put aside for things like control panels, clock settings and so forth.

Sometimes the PRAM becomes corrupt and can cause all sorts of things to behave strangely.

To zap PRAM, all you need to remember is co-op-pr (Control, Option, P, R).

Hold these keys down at startup until you hear the chime at least three times. I've been told to hold for as long as five chimes; but I'm sure three will work fine, as long as you zap the PRAM.

One thing to remember is that if you are using a RAM disk, you should back up all important files as zapping will erase the disk.
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Title Annotation:Columns
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 2, 2002
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