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Water-based releases

Literature is available from this manufacturer of water-based mold release coatings for all types of synthetic, natural and silicone rubber compounds and parts. They are environmentally friendly, operator friendly, thermally stable, chemically inert products that offer durability, improved mold flow and superior release with no transfer to the molded parts, according to the literature. They can be applied to both hot and ambient mold surfaces. The company's water-based products are said to provide superior release performance coupled with superior part appearance, no mold build-up, increased productivity, reduced part rejection rate, and they are economical to use, according to the literature. The company has water-based products available for the tire, belting, hose, molded parts and extrusion markets. (McLube Division, McGee Industries, 9 Crozerville Rd., P.O. Box 2425, Aston, PA 19014-0425)

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Blast cleaning media

Polyblast plastic blast cleaning media (thermoset plastic) are featured in a four-page, color pamphlet. These dry blast cleaning media are for mold cleaning, surface stripping and surface preparation. They work on almost all substrates, including rubber and plastics, according to the literature. (Abrasive Supply, 25240 State Rt. 172, Minerva, OH 44657)

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Styrenic block copolymer

An updated styrenic block copolymer selection guide has been released. The family of styrenic block copolymers is composed of styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) and styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) types of both linear and radial, and diblock configurations. These block copolymer structures are characterized by a combination of high tensile strength and rubber-like elasticity with the ease of thermoplastic or solution processing, according to the literature. Vulcanization or chemical crosslinking is not required to produce tough, flexible, rubbery articles. These styrenic block copolymers are said to be suitable for a wide variety of applications, including adhesives, asphalt modification, polymer modification, molding and extrusion, and healthcare manufacturing. The company's selector guide charts the various grades available based on composition styrene/isoprene %, styrene/diene %, melt flow, elongation and all other pertinent specifications. (Laos & Dilworth, 61 E. Green Lane, PO. Box 25, Bristol, PA 19007)

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Technical information on Dai-El high performance fluoroelastomer is available. The fluid resistance of Dai-El is charted in a table depicting formulations, curing conditions and physical properties. (Daikin America, 20 Olympic Dr., Orangeburg, NY 10962)

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Semi-permanent releases

The company's custom formulated semi-permanent release systems are featured in a one-page bulletin. Product descriptions are provided for RR1381 WB, a water-based, semi-permanent, silicone resin emulsion said to give outstanding results in very tough release applications; RR-5 Hot WB, a water-based, semi-permanent mold release agent said to give good release properties and multiple releases with most thermosetting rubber and plastic materials; XL 1437 WB release agent, a fluoropolymer system designed to exhibit outstanding release characteristics in the rubber molding industry, including the release of silicone; RR-5 Hot EF-1, a semi-permanent release agent said to give easy release and multiple releases with most thermosetting rubber and plastic materials; and BL-3, a semi-permanent release for halogenated and peroxide-cured elastomers. (Releasomers, P.O. Box 82, Brad-fordwoods, PA 15015)

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EPDM engine mounts

A technical bulletin describes the uses of Thermax thermal carbon black in new generation EPDM engine mounts. Increasingly hostile under-the-hood environments are said to have led to an examination of EPDM as a replacement for natural rubber in automotive engine mounts. Thermal carbon black (N990) is widely used in natural rubber anti-vibration applications due to its ability to provide superior dynamic properties, compared to other types of carbon black, according to the literature. It is also used in many applications to provide better heat resistance. This report provides a reference for mount manufacturers in evaluating various types and loadings of carbon black in EPDM engine mount compounds. Thermax thermal black compounds are said to have shown good physical properties, and in particular, superior rubber-to-metal adhesion. (Cancarb Limited, P.O. Box 310, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada T1A 7G1)

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Heat transfer fluid

This engineering bulletin provides technical data on NF non-fouling non-toxic heat transfer fluid used in hot oil temperature control units to provide precise, uniform temperature control in rubber machinery in molding, laminating, calendering and extrusion operations. The bulletin includes extensive product data, in-depth comparisons, safety information, etc. (Paratherm, 1050 Colwell Rd., Conshohocken, PA 19428)

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Thermoplastic polyester

The short-term properties of Riteflex thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPE), which is said to combine excellent fatigue and chemical resistance with low-temperature impact strength, toughness and a wide thermal use range, are featured in company literature. The brochure, which encompasses six Riteflex TPE grades, includes tables for molding conditions and for physical, mechanical and electrical/electronic applications, including hoses, seals, belts, wire coil coating, fasteners, electrical connectors, nonwoven fabrics and polymer modification. (Ticona, 90 Morris Ave., Summit, NJ 07901)

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Slab lubricant

Literature is available on a slab lubricant developed for tire industry use. Antiadherente CG is used in dosages on the order of 0.8 to 1 part for every 100 parts of water (very low consumption), and the dispersions of Antiadherente CG are said to be stable for 72 hours without any need for stirring. Information in the report is provided on product technical aspects, dispersion technique, dosage, compound compatibility, influence on steel cord adhesion to skim compounds, safety and packaging. Antiadherente CG is a batch-off slab lubricant designed for use in the tire industry, whose formulation is made without inorganic fillers, and displays an excellent behavior when confronted with the adhesion of steel cord compounds through cobalt salts, according to the literature. (Rubber Service SRL, Besares 4585, (1702) Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Chemical products

The company's complete range of chemical products and their applications are highlighted in a publication. Chemical offerings delivered and supported locally include epoxy additives and industrial coatings resins, Surfynol and Dynol surfactants, polyurethane chemicals, polyurethane intermediates, alkyl amines, specialty amines and amine derivatives, Airvol polyvinyl alcohol and polymer emulsions. These products are detailed using numerous tables and charts that outline the company's extensive product line, along with its properties and applications. Additional information on technical support and development, industry experience, product supply and reliability, and major markets served is also included in the brochure. (Air Products and Chemicals, 7201 Hamilton Blvd., Allen-town, PA 18195-1501)

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