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LITERATURE Instruments.

Hardness testers

This manufacturer of durometers offers its 20-page, four-color brochure to the rubber industry. The company's durometers are said to be easy and convenient to use, as well as durable and extremely accurate, according to the literature. The company offers quality durometer hardness gauges and precision measuring instruments for checking the hardness of non-metallic surfaces. Information is presented on vestpocket style, hand-held, digital, mini-dial, standard dial and right angle models. The literature also provides a quick reference guide, technical notes, and information on the company's test kit, calibrator, custom designs, accessories and software. (Rex Gauge, 1250 Busch Pkwy., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089)

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Portable monitoring

A brochure highlights portable detection and monitoring instrumentation. The Photovac family of analytical instruments, including the Photovac 2020 PID, the MicroFID and the Voyager portable gas chromatograph are said to offer superior detection, monitoring and identification of volatile organic compounds. In addition, the Photovac family of instrumentation is said to be easy to use, contains powerful integrated data logging software and is humidity compensated, according to the company's literature. (Per-kinElmer Instruments, 761 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT 06859-0226)

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A 44-page catalog describes a complete line of laboratory and process viscometers, rheometers and accessories. Products featured in the catalog include the DV-III+ rheometer that measures material flow under variable shear rate conditions, updated Rheocalc software for automating viscosity data collection and instantaneous display of viscosity curves, and a series of circulating baths with choice of standard digital or programmable temperature controllers specifically designed for use with the company's viscometers and rheometers. (Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, 11 Commerce Blvd., Middleboro, MA 02346)

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Laser sensor head

A two-page, full color brochure details the LSH 2401 laser sensor head, specifically designed to replace capacitive sensors on existing tire uniformity machines for tight work areas and high speed profiling of problematic materials such as green rubber and high silicone rubber. The concise and detailed literature provides product information and advantages of the LSH 2401, including its small footprint sensor head for tight work areas, easy interface with control systems and robust design for industrial environments. The brochure also describes laser triangulation methods. (LMI Selcom, 21666 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075)

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Specimen cutters

This manufacturer of precision cutting dies and tooling for the material testing industry features specimen cutters in its two-page, four-color bulletin. The cutters are manufactured to meet ASTM, JIS, ISO and DIN standards. The cutters are said to feature premium construction and are machined from precision ground solid steel specifically engineered for industrial cutting knives. They are heat treated to insure a durable, chip resistant cutting edge, according to the literature. (Ontario Die, 119 Roger St., PO. Box 70, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2J 3Z6)

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Lab scale processing

Innovative solutions for laboratory scale processing, rheometry and thermal analysis are highlighted in a 12-page, four-color brochure. From the low cost PolyDrive line of dedicated mixing and extrusion systems for quality control or sample preparation purposes to the PolyLab system used for studying mixing, extrusion, compounding and rheology, the company is said to have innovative solutions to match customer needs. Mixing applications include oxidative stability tests for polyolefins, shear and temperature stability, flow and curing behavior of thermosets and effect of fillers and additives for resins. Extrusion applications include prediction of dispersion, etc. (Haake, 53 W. Century Rd., Paramus, NJ 07652)

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Surface area analyzer

Literature is available on the company's Windows-based external surface area analyzer (WESA). This product is said to provide several key benefits over existing techniques, such as no need for liquid nitrogen or extensive sample preparation. Also, the test is said to be much less costly and time-consuming. The envelope surface area method is a way to measure the surface area through pores of a sample using the flow rate through the sample at a given differential pressure. Envelope surface area analysis can be carried out quickly using compressed air, according to the literature. (Porous Materials, Cornell University Research Park, 83 Brown Rd., Bldg. 4, Ithaca, NY 14850)

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Production supplies

The company's full-color 608-page production supplies and services catalog offers over 9,000 products to protect people, products and processes in cleanrooms, controlled environments and production areas. The selection of items is said to be the most extensive available, representing more than 200 leading manufacturers and offering over a thousand new products. The catalog is said to make product selection fast and easy with navigational aids and extensive alphabetical and product number indices. (VWR Scientific Products, 1310 Goshen Pkwy., West Chester, PA 19380)

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