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LITERATURE Instruments.

Laser level monitors

A six-page brochure describes various applications of non-contact pulsed laser level monitors, including use in silos, bins and tanks storing bulk material, powder, slurries and other difficult materials. The brochure begins by listing the various applications of the non-contact pulsed laser sensors in level monitoring, positioning, robotics, object detection surveys and vehicle spotting. It goes on to highlight various benefits of the sensors, including outstanding cost-performance ratio, accurate and dynamic measurement of level, distance and speed, excellent performance and reliability, and more. (Riegl Laser Measurement Systems, 8516 Old Winter Garden Rd., Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32835)

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Modular durometer system

The MDS modular durometer system is presented in a one-page data sheet. The multi-scale MDS system separates the durometer body, housing the display, from the indentor and spring which are assembled into a separate one-piece module. The module is said to be easily attached to the host durometer body by the operator, according to the literature. When another scale is needed, the operator is said to simply switch modules. Additional modules, of any scale, are said to cost less than half the price of a traditional durometer and can be purchased any time. (Coram Instruments, 37 Whinstone St., Coram, NY 11727)

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Measurement sensors

A full-color, six-panel brochure describes eight lines of rugged 2D and 3D non-contact laser measurement sensors for measurement applications requiring consistent accuracy, resolution and reliability. Stand-alone sensors described in the brochure include the SLS 5000, SLS 6000, the LDS, LTS, LNS, LBS/MBS, SSPR-02, SPR-04 and M24 series of industrial dimensional gauging sensors. (Selcom/DynaVision, 21654 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075)

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Rubber/plastics testing

A four-page pamphlet describes the company's instruments for testing of rubber and plastic materials, including specimen preparation, aging ovens, stress relaxation and creep, environmental testing, windscreen fogging, computerized testing, electrical tests and custom built instruments. Photographs and brief descriptions are provided for a variety of instruments. (Elastocon AB, Goteborgsvagen 99, SE-504 60 Boras, Sweden)

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Industrial gauging sensor

A full-color, four-page brochure describes the SLS 2000 non-contact laser-based industrial gauging sensor for measurements in numerous on- and offline rubber and tire applications requiring consistent accuracy, resolution and reliability. The brochure describes the Class II SLS 2000 compact, self-contained, high-speed, non-contact industrial dimensional gauging sensor with detailed descriptions, photographs and illustrations, technical charts and diagrams. A description is given and applications provided for splice offset and overlap, radial and lateral run-out of green tires and tire side wall inspection. Details are given on how measuring radial and lateral run out while the tire is being built provides the information needed to determine corrective actions early in the manufacturing process, to reduce scrap and increase uniformity. Tire sidewall inspection using the SLS 2000 sensors is also described as being designed to specifically address the limitations of most existing bulge and dent measurement sensors, by providing accurate, very high resolution, high-speed and reliable measurement data, with the ability to measure on slopes without loss of data or necessity to reposition the angle of attack. (Selcom, 21654 Melrose, Southfield, MI 48075)

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Polymer evaluation

A brochure highlighting the company's polymer evaluation products has been published. The brochure details the company's comprehensive offering of polymer evaluation instruments designed to test heat deflexion, impact resistance, melt index, thermal oxidation, flammability and other physical properties of materials, as well as laboratory lightfastness and weatherability. These polymer evaluation products test physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of polymers. The MFI2 melt flow indexer is said to be a simple to operate, yet sophisticated extrusion plastometer that provides melt flow measurements for thermoplastics. The HDV HDT/Vicat system offers a range of testing capabilities for testing the softening point of materials. (Atlas Electric Devices, 4114 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago, IL 60613)

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Direct pyrolysis/FT-IR

Accurate analysis of carbon filled rubber using direct pyrolysis/FT-IR is described in an application note. Problems related to the presence of carbon black are said to be eliminated because it is left behind as a solid when the volatiles formed by pyrolysis enter the IR beam. The feasibility of using pyrolysis/FT-IR to analyze carbon filled elastomeric polymers is demonstrated in the research reviewed in this article. Eight carbon filled rubbers were randomly selected and analyzed by pyrolysis/FT-IR using the company's Pyroprobe. In addition to describing the work in detail, two pyrospectra are included in the application note. (CDS Analytical, P.O. Box 277, Oxford, PA 19363)

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Web tension control

This manufacturer of torque and tension control products has released a brochure for its Digitrac 2 digital tension and readout control. The advanced technology Digitrac 2 is said to exceed U.S. and international safety and electrical noise immunity standards, including UL, cUL and CE. It is available in a DIN model that requires only 28 square inches of panel space and a more traditional enclosure model. When installed, both models are IP65 (NEMA 4) for protection against liquid and dirt. The Digitrac 2 features a backlit display for easy viewing in low factory light conditions and a tactile feedback keypad for confirmed data entry, according to the literature. (Magpowr Magnetic Power Systems, 1626 Manufacturers Dr., Fenton, MO 63026)

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Testing instrumentation

This manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments with representation throughout the U.S., as well as in 50 other countries, has a web site available at The web site is designed to provide information on the latest testing technology for a variety of industries, including plastics, coatings and others; color photographs; features and specifications; news releases; and company profile/background. (Testing Machines, 2910 Expressway Dr., S., Islandia, NY 11722-1407)

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Process control

An eight-page brochure details the line of Dataflo products. The printed piece introduces all the features of the Dataflo smart positioner for electrically actuated control valves, and Dataflo-C, a digital PID single loop controller with Autotune. The Dataflo positioner is said to increase process system dependability and decrease valve calibration, monitoring and maintenance costs. (Worcester Controls, PO. Box 538, 33 Locke Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752)

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Mass flow technology

An applications handbook contains 16 pages of practical ideas for applying Coriolis mass flow technology, including 18 individual applications dealing with precision batching and continuous processing, viscous processing, aggressive fluids and more. (Schlumberger Measurement Division, 1310 Emerald Rd., Greenwood, SC 29646-8800)

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