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LITERATURE Instruments.

Materials testing

This two-page, full-color bulletin describes the company's advanced H100K-S benchtop universal testing machine which is said to test the mechanical and physical properties of a wide range of materials, as well as finished components. The compact, extremely accurate H100K-S testing machine determines such properties as tension, compression, flexure and shear of rubber, plastics, composites and adhesives, according to the literature. Bulletin BTA-1 describes the machine's many features, including the tilt and swivel control unit on the load frame, easy-to-read backlit liquid crystal display, graphic or numeric display mode and alpha numeric data entry. The H100K-S testing machine's capacity is 100,000 N (22,500 lbf.). Its speed range is 0.001 to 500 mm/min. (0.001 to 20 in./min.). General product specifications and color photographs of the unit are included in the bulletin. (Tinius Olsen Testing Machine, P.O. Box 429, Willow Grove, PA 19090-0429)

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Thermocouples, RTDs

This literature features temperature sensors most commonly used in the mixing of rubber and other abrasive compounds. Special consideration has been given to the abrasion resistant measuring tips, the notched mounting method configurations (most commonly used in internal mixers) and the critical temperature response time requirements. These sensors are available in both thermocouple and RTD types. Special construction assemblies are also available. (Pyromation, 5211 Industrial Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46825)

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Industrial sensors

This six-page, four-color brochure describes numerous on- and off-line robber and tire industry applications of non-contact laser-based industrial sensors that are said to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce scrap. The brochure describes various applications in thickness and profile measurement such as web and sheet calenders, die design and tire tread extrusions, measurement during tire production such as splice offset and ply overlap control and radial and lateral run-out of green tires, final inspection and analysis measurements in high-speed profiling of surface features such as ridges, center lines or edges, tire sidewall inspection, treadwear analysis and radial mn-out. (LMI Selcom, 21666 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075)

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Moving die rheometer

The company's four-page, four-color brochure details the specifications and features of the rheoTech MD+ moving die rheometer. The rheoTech MD+ is an entirely redesigned moving die rheometer that is said to offer enhanced features capable of measuring die cavity pressure, as well as elastic and viscous modulus. The compuGraph for Windows data acquisition system is included with the instrument. (Tech Pro, 289 Remington Rd., Suite B, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224)

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Durometers, accessories

Durometers and accessories are featured in the company's 12-page brochure. Instruments highlighted include basic and ergo-style durometers, digital pencil-style durometers, analog pencil-style durometers, durometer test blocks, an analog durometer for foam and sponge rubber, analog durometers for rubber and plastic, and accessory durometer test stands. Also offered by the company are material testing services and custom durometers for unique applications. (PTC Instruments, 2301 Federal Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064-1482)

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Data acquisition

The company's "1999 Instrument and Data Acquisition Solutions" publication features information on systems multimeters, sensitive meters, Sourcemeter instruments and power supplies, scanners and switching, test and measurement software, data acquisition boards and real-time control boards. Detailed descriptions, photographs and technical specifications are included in the literture. (Keithley Instruments, 28775 Aurora Rd., Cleveland, OH 44139-1891)

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Ultrasonic sensor

Non-contact ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement and control are featured in the company's eight-page catalog. Information is presented on applications and advantages, an overview and selection guide, compact sensors, modular (factory grade) sensors, software and starter kits, and custom and OEM products. Factory grade model Ultra-S sensors have a sealed PVC enclosure, conduit wire entry and terminal blocks for quick screwdriver installations. These sensors also have enhanced SoftSpan selected processing features. (Senix, 52 Maple St., Bristol, VT 05443-1022)

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Nitrogen/sulfur analyzer

A color brochure features the Model 9000VSA nitrogen/sulfur solids autosampler. This user-friendly analyzer performs total nitrogen and/or total sulfur determinations on solid samples in as little as five minutes, according to the literature. The brochure provides application information and instrument specifications and explains principles of Pyrochemiluminescent nitrogen and Pyrofluorescent sulfur analysis. The 9000 VS is said to deliver excellent reproducibility and increased productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks of manual sample introduction. A 53 position solids autosampler is said to provide trouble-free, unattended operation. The easy-to-load, gravity fed system is controlled by the company's custom designed software, according to the literature. Operational parameters can be stored and recalled as needed. The system is said to be ideal for automating polyolefin additives analysis. (Antek Instruments, 300 Bammel Westfield Rd., Houston, TX 77090-3533)

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Flame ionization detector

A color brochure highlights the handheld MicroFid flame ionization detector, said to be the smallest and lightest FID available for detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in fugitive emissions or environmental applications. (Perkin-Elmer, 761 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT -6859-0310)

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Rubber process analyzer

The Auto RPA 2000 automated robber process analyzer is featured in a two-page bulletin. The RPA 2000 is said to increase test efficiency with automated sample loading and unloading. With the features and benefits of the original RPA 2000, the automated version is said to offer unparalleled user convenience and test efficiency by eliminating the need for the operator to be present at the start of each test. The automation system loads samples with a pickup arm, placing them between two layers of film in the RPA 2000 test cavity. W hen a test is completed, the system is said to reliably remove test specimens from the cavity by pulling on the film, according to the company's literature. (Alpha Technologies, 2689 Wingate Ave., Akron, OH 44314)

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Flow measurement

A 12-page, full-color brochure describes the company's industrial flowmeters. Publication C-12 covers Coriolis mass flow, vortex shedding, oscillating piston, nutating disc, turbine, very low flow and high pressure flowmeters. Specifications include accuracy, line sizes and flow ranges. The publication also covers mass flow custody transfer, sample applications and available accessories. (Schlumberger Measurement Division, 1310 Emerald Rd., Greenwood, SC 29646-8800)

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