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Injection molding

The company's "Benchmarks" publication provides information on injection molding technology for the economical production of molded rubber parts. The company's production line is featured, including rubber injection molding machines, as well as complete production solutions with molds, cold runner blocks, automation equipment and peripheral units. (Klockner Desma/KDE Sales and Service, 2835 Crescent Springs Rd., Erlanger, KY41018)

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Rubber strip handling

Wig-Wag Stackers, used to handle rubber strips and slabs in the tire and rubber industry, are featured in a four-color, two-page product bulletin. Rex LF2100 MatTop chains are said to improve Wig-Wag performance. Design specifications are provided in the literature. (Rexnord, P.O. Box 480, Grafton, WI 53024)

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The Clean-Feed system for batch preparation of carbon black and white fillers is featured in company literature. The Clean-Feed is a modular weighing and feeding system that is said to offer compounders a cost effective route to automate their fillers handling. The fully enclosed system is said to move carbon black and white fillers accurately and freely from storage through batch weighing to feeding the mixer. (Chronos Richardson, Arnside Rd., Bestwood, Nottingham NG5 5HD, U.K.)

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Bulk bag loaders

Model BBL bulk bag loaders, described in company literature, provide pneumatic actuated latches, anti-vibration scale, an adjustable inlet spout, inflatable fill head and much more. (Bulk Equipment Systems Technology, 1071 Industrial Pkwy., N., Brunswick, OH 44212)

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Heating/cooling systems

Microprocessor-based temperature control systems offered by the company are featured in a four-page, four-color brochure. These systems are said to provide precise control of circulating water or heat transfer fluids to mixers, mills, extrusion barrels and molds. Benefits include product uniformity for better quality and consistency, and temperature uniformity for faster batch production and batch consistency to improve dispersion and reduce viscosity variation, according to the company. These temperature control systems read at a glance, operate with a touch and are engineered for exceptionally long life and safe performance, according to the manufacturer. Chilling systems featuring temperatures from -30 [degrees] F to +70 [degrees] F and heating systems offering temperatures from 70 [degrees] F to 550 [degrees] F are shown. (Sterling, 5200 Clinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53223)

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Mold temperature control

MTC (mold temperature controller) portable hot water units are said to deliver full feature temperature control in the smallest cabinet on the market, according to the company's two-page, four-color brochure. The unit is said to fit next to injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding or RIM machines, or underneath the extruder barrel. (Budzar Industries, 38241 Willoughby Pkwy., Willoughby, OH 44094-7582)

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Injection molding

An eight-page, four-color catalog features the WV Series injection molding machines. The literature includes color photos and specifications for the full line of vertical injection molding machines. The catalog is said to enable customers to combine injection shot size, platen size and clamp force to meet specification requirements for a wide range of applications. Designed for economical production of rubber and elastomer parts, the WV Series is said to be ideal for use in the automotive, aerospace and appliance industries for moldings such as motor mounts, diaphragms, seals, rollers and electrical connectors, according to the literature. The WV Series vertical injection molding machines are available in two different configurations. The WV machines feature a four post configuration for precise, parallel alignment of the platens, clamp capacities ranging from 15 to 500 U.S. tons and injection units from 50cc to 6,000cc. All machines include a first-in, first-out injection system and an integral hydraulic system. (Wabash MPI, P.O. Box 298, Wabash, IN 46992-0298)

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Continuous vulcanization

Three data sheets titled "Guidelines for selecting a continuous vulcanization line for automotive profiles" are available from the company. Part one of the series discusses equipment specific for sponge, dense or multiple profiles without metal inserts. Part two of the series discusses profiles for stamped and lanced embedded metal wire carrier. Part three of the series discusses rigid metal extrusions. Each data sheet includes a brief discussion of the recommended specifics and characteristics for all of the components of a continuous vulcanization line, such as extruder, pre-heater, microwave oven, post cure oven, etc. (Cober Electronics, 151 Woodward Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854)

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Cryogenic deflashing

Shotboy electric cryogenic deflashing and deburring systems are featured in a two-page product bulletin. Features, advantages and applications are provided in the literature, along with technical and operating specifications. The Shotboy systems feature a programmable computer, monitor, electric power drive, tumble action, high velocity impact, media/ flash separation, bar code reader system and removable side panels. (C.D.S., 1701 E. Edinger Ave., Bldg. G-2, Santa Ana, CA 92705-5005)

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Bulk bag unloaders

Bulk bag unloaders are featured in the company's eight-page, four-color brochure, including the MTU air cylinder agitation model, the BBU vibrator motor agitation model and the BDS bag dump station. Each model is pictured and described. A component parts list is provided for each model, along with a schematic drawing. Standard and optional features for all of the company's bulk bag unloaders are also presented in the literature. (Bulk Equipment Systems Technology, 1071 Industrial Pkwy., N., Brunswick, OH 44212)

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Liquid injection tooling

Tooling for liquid injection and thermoset elastomers is featured in the company's two-page bulletin, along with information on capabilities, equipment and services. This company specializes in the tooling for liquid injection of silicone rubber and tooling for conventional injection, transfer and compression molding of silicone rubber and other thermoset elastomers. Unique technologies for mold designs described in the literature include cold runner systems for material savings, automatic processing for loading and unloading the mold, and flexible concepts for productivity. The company also offers consulting engineering services for those companies desiring to do their own tooling in-house. The company's complete turnkey operation for customer injection tooling is described in the literature. The company also offers on-site support to set up machines as well as the molds. (Kipe Molds, 340 E. Crowther Ave., Placentia, CA 92870)

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Temperature control

MXR Series intensive mixer temperature control units are described in a two-page bulletin. BTU MXR Series intensive mixer temperature control systems are said to offer multi-zone fluid heat transfer capability for high-velocity, controlled-temperature water to mixer sides, rotor and drop door. The MXR Series is designed to withstand demanding mix-room atmospheres and is available in both direct-injection and closed-loop operation, according to the literature. This series is designed for industrial applications requiring fluid temperatures up to 250 [degrees] F. The company also designs and manufactures specialized equipment for non-standard applications. Engineers are said to have experience in the rubber industry. (Budzar Industries, 38241 Willoughby Pkwy., Willoughby, OH 44094)

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Rubber injection

A 24-page, four-color catalog provides detailed information on the company's complete line of rubber injection equipment. Modular presses are designed to meet current customer needs, and the open-ended press design is said to meet future needs. Software has been developed to optimize production. The literature describes injection solutions, closing units, G8 automatic process control, modular and upgradable presses, and special Sacomat presses, including injection presses, rotary presses and vacuum compression presses. Peripheral software is also featured, including the Curetrac 2 cure time control and RepNet-win centralized production line control. (REP, 8N470 Tameling Ct., P.O. Box 8146, Bartlett, IL 60103-8146)

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Shot-blast deflashing

The Model LB 4000 large basket capacity Cryomatic shot-blast deflashing machine is described in a two-page, four-color technical data sheet. Average cycle times are three to five minutes. Nitrogen consumption averages 3/4 lb. of nitrogen to 1 lb. of parts. Load size is 4 cu. ft. of parts. Information is provided in the literature on dimensions, material, insulation, refrigerant, mechanical features, electrical features, controls, media, accessories, installation, shipping and the warranty. (Cryogenic Systems & Parts, 3595 Cadillac Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626)

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Rubber machinery

A six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure provides details on the company's extensive inventory of rubber and plastic machinery. Equipment listed includes unitized two-roll mills, laboratory mills, internal mixers, extruders/strainers, calenders, hydraulic presses and miscellaneous equipment. Many models are featured in four-color photographs accompanied by brief descriptions. The company also offers spare parts and repairs/rebuilds. (Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery, 2008-14 Union Tpke., North Bergen, NJ 07047)

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Deep hole drilling

The company's brochure provides moldmakers with a selection of machines designed for their industry, including machines for smaller mold applications to large systems capable of handling moldblocks weighing up to 100,000 pounds. (TechniDrill, 429 Portage Blvd., Kent, OH 44240)

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Process machinery

The company's 56-page catalog features its complete inventory of process machinery for a variety of applications. Information is provided on autoclaves, internal mixers, blenders, blow molders, cutters, dispersers, mixers, dryers, dust collectors, extruders, granulators, mills, presses, laboratory equipment, mixers, pelletizers, preformers, presses, screw feeders, and much more. (Federal Equipment, 8200 Bessemer Ave., Cleveland, OH 44127)

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Compressed air dryers

Literature on EMD Series energy management dryers outlines how users can realize significant energy savings under low flow conditions, while avoiding the dew point variations of standard cycling dryer types. A full range of features is listed. (Van Air Systems, 2950 Mechanic St., Lake City, PA 16423)

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Rubber equipment

An overview of the company's equipment is available, and includes information on rubber compound preparation, tire production, profile production (rubber and thermoplastic elastomer profiles), as well as control systems. (Troester Machinery Ltd., 300 Loomis Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 0H44221)

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Laser marking systems

Published in a brochure format, the company's literature piece provides complete information on five laser marking systems which are said to produce superior quality marks for precision bar codes, texts and identification marks, including complex logos. A selection guide is provided that allows users to compare the lasers and determine which would be best suited. (Matthews International, Marking Products Division, 6515 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206)

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