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Deflashing machine

Large capacity Cryomatic shot-blast deflashing machines are featured in this two-page, four-color bulletin. The company's Model LC 6000 is featured. Average cycles times of three to five minutes are reported, along with nitrogen consumption of one pound of nitrogen to one pound of parts, and a load size of 3-1/2 cubic feet of parts. (Cryogenic Systems & Parts, 3595 Cadillac Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626)

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Rubber machinery

Literature is available from the company on its machinery for the rubber and plastics markets, including mixers for rubber and plastics, rubber hydraulic and vacuum presses, rubber-injection molding systems, plastic card lamination systems and printed circuit board presses. (Technical Machine Products, 5500 Walwoth Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102)

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Machine safety products

Industrial safety products are highlighted in the company's catalog. The publication offers an instructive guide to machine guarding techniques, as well as comprehensive information on European and U.S. standards, safety guarding solutions and risk assessment procedures. (Honeywell Micro Switch Division, 11 W. Spring St., Freeport, IL 61032) Circle 105 on card

Variable speed mixer

This four-page, four-color brochure describes the Pressdisperger mixer and the way in which the unit works. This mixer includes a variable speed agitator blade which moves vertically in the mix vessel during the mixing cycle. The blade rotates at a close clearance to the vessel wall and is designed to provide complete coverage of the entire batch. (Charles Ross & Son, 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, NY 11788)

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Rubber compounders

This 12-page brochure highlights the production features, advantages and technical specifications of the Farrel-Shaw Intermix, Mark 5 Series. Key features of the Intermix compounders for elastomer goods are helical intermeshing NR5 rotors for even distribution of batch ingredients and a hydraulic hopper ram. Large feed and discharge openings are said to reduce cycle time between mixes. Applications include automotive products, general rubber goods, electrical cable compounds, plastics compounds, and custom and specialty compounding from sporting goods to pharmaceutical products. (Farrel, 25 Main St., Ansonia, CT 06401)

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Rubber chopper

The company's rubber chopper, said to be the solution to chopping, cutting, chipping, flaking or grinding problems, is featured in a two-page bulletin. This rubber chopper is said to prevent such problems as noise and heating of the product by chopping at high torque rather than at high speeds. It is said to be powerful enough to handle even tough rubbers or plastics without running too hot or loud, and without breaking down unexpectedly, according to the literature. Applications mentioned include SMR, butadienes, isoprenes, butyls, nitriles, black masterbatch, reclaim, peels, etc. (Bepex, 333 N.E. Taft St., Minneapolis, MN 55413)

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Hot oil systems

Value Line hot oil systems for operating temperatures up to 400 [degrees] F are featured in this two-page bulletin. The Value Line series is designed for low temperature applications. Controls are said to be simple and easy to understand, and a premium is placed on protecting the operator, the process and the oil, according to the literature. (Budzar Industries, 38241 Willoughby Pkwy., Willoughby, OH 44094-7582)

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Laboratory presses

A 16-page, full-color catalog describes more than 50 standard hydraulic laboratory presses, including the company's Auto Series automatic hyraulic presses. The literature also describes automatic and benchtop presses. ASTM and KBr pellet presses, rubber stamp and laminating presses, as well as a variety of accessories and portable chillers are featured. Specifications and product information are also included. Used in a variety of laboratory applications, the company's presses are available in two-column and four-column, benchtop and floor-standing, manual and automatic models with clamping capacities ranging from 12 to 100 tons. The Auto Series presses feature an integral electrically powered hydraulic system and microprocessor control for automatic operation. The Monarch floor-standing laboratory presses are also equipped with an integral hydraulic system, as well as clamping forces ranging from 30 to 100 tons and an ASTM test sample preparation model. The company's standard laboratory presses are said to be ideal for pelletizing, destructive testing, fluid extraction and pressure forming. (Carver, 1569 Morris St., P.O. Box 544, Wabash, IN 46992-0544)

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Rubber injection

This 24-page, four-color brochure highlights the company's rubber injection product line. Modular presses are designed to meet customer needs. Software has been developed to optimize production. Injection systems are described, along with closing units, automatic process control, modular and upgradable vertical and horizontal presses, Sacomat injection and rotary presses, vacuum compression presses and specialty presses. Peripheral software is also featured, including Curetrac 2 cure time control and RepNet-win centralized production line control. (REP, 8N470 Tameling Ct., P.O. Box 8146, Bartlett, IL 60103-8146)

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Deflashing, deburring

The SB-10 table top, electric cryogenic deflashing and deburring system is featured in a two-page bulletin. Features include analog controls, electric power drive, tumble action, high velocity impact, low nitrogen consumption and compact table top size. The system is said to have applications in complex rubber medical parts, micro electronic parts, precision elastomeric parts, R&D part runs and miniature aerospace products, according to the literature. Advantages are said to include easy operation, decreased scrap ratio, adaptable to product size, versatile applications, clean room compatible and easy maintenance access. (C.D.S., 1701 E. Edinger Ave., Bldg. G-2, Santa Ana, CA 92705-5005)

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Hydraulic presses

This eight-page, four-color catalog features the company's full line of Vantage Series presses for molding, bonding, trimming and laminating. The catalog describes 38 standard Vantage Series presses which can be custom configured for a wide range of applications. Vantage Series presses are available with clamping forces ranging from 50 to 1,000 tons and standard platen sizes from 15" x 15" to 48" x 48". Standard features listed include an integral energy-efficient hydraulic system with load-sensing pumps, a programmable control system built to NFPA 79 standards and safety guards around the molding area. Optional features include larger platens, heated platens (to 1,200 [degrees] F), platen cooling, work tables and part removal systems, as well as multiple daylight openings. Control systems can also be upgraded with the midlevel ViewPoint control system for proportional control of clamp position and pressure, or the powerful DataTrend computer-based control system. (Wabash MPI, 1569 Morris St., P.O. Box 298, Wabash, IN 46992-0298)

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Twin screw extruders

The Mega Compounder family of twin-screw extruders is featured in this four-page, four-color brochure. A patent-pending splined screw-shaft design and a high power factor gearbox are said to result in a 30% increase in torque without a screw-flight volume reduction and with no compromise of safety factors, according to the literature. Mega Compounders can operate at speeds up to 1,200 rpm. The OD/ID ratio of 1.55 has been maintained. Also described in the literature are screw components, overtorque couplings, barrel types, heaters and heater covers, a higher power factor gear box and ZSK Mega dies. Technical data are presented in table form. (Krupp Werner & Pfleiderer, 663 E. Crescent Ave., Ramsey, NJ 07446)

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Production lines

Complete production lines for the rubber industry are featured in an eight-page, four-color brochure. The company's engineering services include feasibility studies of complete projects, and once approved, take care of carrying them out, assembling and commissioning the machinery, with ample support by the technical department. Lines are available for extrusion of camel-back and coextrusion to produce multi-component tire tread. A line for production of textile reinforced hoses is described, along with lines for extrusion and continuous curing of profiles in single, bi- or tri-components, with or without metal inserts. A roller-head line for the production of rubber sheets is also featured in the literature. (Gumix, s.a., Maria Fortuny, 9-11, Cornella (Barcelona), Spain 08940)

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Wire spiral winder

This four-page brochure features the WSW-III precision wire spiral winder for the reinforcement of hydraulic and industrial hose. The WSW-III wire spiral winder is said to offer new capabilities in wire reinforcing for a broad range of hose constructions. In each module, two counter-rotating turntables are mounted back-to-back. Each turntable has its own individual positive speed control. Turntable speed is accomplished by utilizing only one change gear, enabling greater control of the helix angle. All wire ends on each turntable are said to be accurately and uniformly preformed by a single unit. (Magnatech International, L.P., 796 Fritztown Rd., P O. Box E, Sinking Spring, PA 19608-0205)

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Industrial mixing

This full line designer, manufacturer and distributor of industrial mixing equipment has released its 1999 full line catalog. The 50-page catalog shows over 500 different mixers and accessories. Information is provided on propellers, dispersion, stirrers, five-gallon mixers, tank and drum mixers, as well as mixing containers. (Indco, P.O. Box 589, New Albany, IN 4 7151-0589)

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Rubber machinery

The company's machinery for the robber and plastics industries is featured in a 12-page, four-color brochure, including single- and twin-screw extruders, planetary gear extruders, mills, winders, rubber processing extruders, rubber processing calenders and calender lines, microwave lines, etc. (Hermann Berstorff Maschinenbau GmbH, P.O. Box 629, D-30006 Hannover, Germany)

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Extrusion technology

The company's extrusion technology, with a balanced flow feature incorporated into the crosshead design, is described in an eight-page, four-color brochure. Benefits are said to include continuous concentricity, faster setup, reduced material waste, consistently higher quality, longer reliability and increased productivity due to equalized pressure control, according to the literature. Extruder systems and medical tubing systems are featured. (Genca, 13805 58th St., N., Clearwater, FL 34620)

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Rubber burn-off ovens

Rubber and plastic burn-off ovens are featured in a four-page brochure. All of the company's bum-off ovens include heavy duty industrial quality cast iron burners. Automatic process control is offered. (Steelman Industries, PO. Box 1461, 2706 Hwy. 135, Kilgore, TX 75662)

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