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Oct. 29-Nov. 13

Recreational Delivery, applied for a marijuana transportation. License no.: 429397. 10/29/2019

'Oh' McDonald Farms, applied for a marijuana producer tier 2; marijuana processor. License no.: 413650. 11/5/2019

Birch Bay Budz, applied for a marijuana retailer. License no.: 422612. 11/12/2019

Kay Cake Designs, applied for a beer/wine rest-beer/wine. License no.: 429428. 11/13/2019

Loyal Order of Moose, applied for a private club-spirits/beer/wine. License no.: 428465. 11/13/2019

La Gloria Restaurant, applied for a spirits/br/wn rest servicebar; kegs to go; catering. License no.: 402911. 11/13/2019

La Gloria Market, applied for a direct shipment reciever-in/out WA; grocery store-beer/wine. License no.: 087513. 11/13/2019


Oct. 30 - Nov. 30

Cherry Street Market, approved for a 450 grocery store-beer/wine. License no.: 361449. 10/30/2019

Uisce Irish Pub, approved for a 481, nightclub. License no.: 088705. 11/1/2019

Starbuds, approved for a 394, marijuana retailer. License no.: 429453. 11/4/2019

Sasquatch Cannabis Company, approved for a 390, marijuana producer tier 1. License no.: 416561. 11/5/2019

La Chapina, approved for a 462, beer/wine rest- beer/wine. License no.: 404311. 11/6/2019

Melvin Brewing, approved for a 332, microbrewery. License no.: 424670. 11/7/2019.

Jake's Western Grill, approved for a 424, spirits/br/wn rest lounge+. License no.: 402495. 11/7/2019

Mix It Up Tasty, approved for a 350, direct shipment receiver-in WA only. License no.: 426962. 11/13/2019


Oct. 24-Oct. 30

Rudy's Pizzeria, discontinued 350, direct shipment receiver-in WA only. License no.: 401910. 10/24/2019

Cherry Street Market, discontinued 450, grocery store- beer/wine. License no.: 361449. 10/30/2019

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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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