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LINDSAY RAPE BEAST BACK BEHIND BARS; EXCLUSIVE: Attacker breaks ban on returning home.

Byline: By Janice Burns

A TEENAGE rapist whose victim, Lindsay Armstrong, committed suicide was back behind bars last night.

Lee Don Bell, 19, was freed early but has been locked up again for breaching his licence conditions.

Now he may have to serve the rest of his seven-year sentence - another three years.

Yesterday, Lindsay's parents, Frank and Linda, called for Bell to be banned from Scotland when he is finally released.

Linda, 42, of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, said: "It was an outrage that he got out early in the first place.

"I'm glad he's behind bars again but Bell is a danger to women and always will be. He should never be allowed out.

"He should have been forced to serve out his sentence and been banned from Scotland for life."

Bell, who was convicted of raping Lindsay in summer 2002, sparked fury when he was let out after serving just over half his sentence.

On his release, he faced a further three years under supervision.

Under the conditions of his licence, he was warned to steer clear of Ayrshire.

Bell, also of New Cumnock, moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

But he was arrested some months ago after Linda spotted him in her local supermarket in Ayr.

He was just halfway through his three-year licence period. The Scottish Parole Board have now decided he will remain locked up at Castington young offenders' institution in Newcastle.

But his case will be reviewed in a year when another risk assessment will be carried out.

Lindsay was just 16 when she was raped by Bell.

He refused to admit his guilt, which meant she had to give evidence in court.

Under cross-examination, Lindsay was forced to hold up the pants she was wearing on the night of the rape on three occasions.

She killed herself in her bedroom days later with an overdose of anti-depressants, overwhelmed by the humiliation of her ordeal.

Passing sentence at the High Court in Glasgow, Judge Lord McEwan told Bell, who was 15 at the time, he was a danger to women.

Linda found out Bell had been locked up again when the justice department wrote to inform her of the decision.

She said: "I wrote a letter to the parole board detailing why I didn't think Bell should be allowed to walk the streets.

"I told them how I almost fainted with horror when I spotted him in ASDA because I had no idea he was back in Scotland, let alone Ayrshire."

Linda said she was so shocked, she had to be prescribed anti-anxiety tablets by her doctor.

She added: "I coped with Lindsay's death and the court case without the need for medication but this was just the last straw.

"I felt I couldn't take any more when I saw his face.

"After seeing him in ASDA, I was scared to go out of the house - and that is just not right."

She now runs a successful support group in memory of her daughter and continues to fight for a better justice system for rape victims.

The Lindsay Armstrong Support Group provides a 24-hour helpline, offering support, advice and information to victims and families.

Earlier this week, the group won the AOL Innovation in the Community Award for their website design and layout.

Linda and her team of volunteers can be contacted via the helpline on 01290 338883 or website on


WARNED: Bell, main image, was told to stay away from Ayrshire after raping tragic Lindsay, above left. Linda, above, is glad he's caged again
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 7, 2006
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