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 MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Linda McCartney has signed an agreement with Fairmont Foods of Minnesota (FFM) to produce a full line of frozen meatless entrees for sale into the U.S. market under the brand name "Linda McCartney's Foods from the Heart(TM)."
 "We are extremely pleased to have reached agreement with Linda McCartney," said Larry McGuire, president and chief executive officer of FFM, Fairmont, Minn. "We feel the high quality of these entrees, along with the ever-growing interest in reducing meat consumption in the family diet, combine to give 'Food from the Heart' tremendous sales potential throughout the U.S."
 Plans call for a line of meatless products, created by Linda expressly for the American marketplace. All products contain an international flair, duplicating some of her family's favorite recipes. "Many of my meals," Linda said, "contain a new form of wheat protein which has great taste and texture, even my meat-eating friends love it." Obviously, with no meat in her recipes, they are very healthy products that contain little or no cholesterol and are low in fat. Linda, whose family has been committed vegetarians for many years said, "I wanted to introduce meals that would taste great to both my vegetarian friends, and my meat-eating friends."
 For years, husband Paul told the press that his wife was a great cook, and in 1989, Linda let the world share the recipes they had been hearing about when she released "Linda McCartney's Home Cooking." The book has become the biggest selling vegetarian cookbook ever in the U.K., and a best-seller stateside, and is printed in France, Canada, Australia and Japan with over 400,000 sales worldwide.
 Two years ago, Linda launched a meatless product line in the United Kingdom. It's been a runaway success, selling more than 50 million meals a year and becoming the leading brand of non-meat frozen meals, appealing to non-meat eaters and meat-eaters alike.
 Linda McCartney's "Food from the Heart" entrees will be introduced in the spring of 1994, starting regionally with the Upper Midwest. Initial plans call for the entrees to be available in supermarkets, grocery stores, club stores and convenience stores.
 Linda McCartney Biography
 As a young child, Linda Eastman (McCartney) loved to sit in the kitchen, watching her mother cook, taking in all the delicious smells, and helping out with small tasks.
 Now, Linda has four children of her own, and as in her own childhood, the kitchen is the center of the house. In fact, Linda's love for food and cooking has blossomed so that she's not only feeding her own family of six; but she has also written No. 1 best-selling cookbooks, has her own line of vegetarian frozen food that is highly successful in the U.K., and is about to launch a frozen food line in the United States.
 "I love good food," Linda said. "And, I love to cook. It's so creative, and relaxing. I love touching the vegetables, chopping, smelling all the aromas. I'm a peasant cook, just throw things in; home cooking, good food!"
 For years, husband Paul has told the world how his wife is a great cook, and in 1989, Linda let the world share the recipes they'd been hearing about when she released Linda McCartney's Home Cooking. The book has become the biggest selling vegetarian cookbook ever in the U.K., and a best-seller stateside, as well. It's also been printed in France, Canada, Australia and Japan.
 With Linda's cookbook becoming such a hit, a food manufacturer in Great Britain approached her about turning those recipes into frozen meals. Linda answered, "As long as it's tasty, healthy, easy, and not too expensive, let's go for it."
 The result, Linda McCartney's Frozen Food Range, has become a massive success in Britain, becoming the biggest selling vegetarian frozen food line in the country.
 And, so it seemed natural to bring this delicious, healthy food to the States, and Linda will be doing just that in 1994, with her Foods From the Heart.
 Of course, Linda McCartney is renowned for more than great food. She's one of the most acclaimed photographers in the world, with several stunning photo books to her credit, including the best-selling photo book ever, Linda McCartney's Sixties. Other books include Linda's Pictures, Linda McCartney Photographs, and Sun Prints.
 Exhibitions of Linda's photography have appeared in more than 60 galleries worldwide, from Argentina to Australia. She has also exhibited in London's prestigious Victoria and Albert museum, has been voted the U.S.A.'s Female Photographer of the Year, and is the only photographer to have had three exhibitions at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath, England.
 Two careers would be more than enough for anyone, but Linda successfully juggles three careers: her food venture, her photography, and playing keyboards in the world record breaking band with husband Paul! Linda has been keyboardist, backup singer, and bandmate to Paul for 24 years, saying simply, "We want to be together, that's why I do it."
 In 1993, the band broke records with their World Tour, which played throughout Europe, South America, the United States, Australia and Japan.
 Most important of all, Linda is mother to four children, and with all the accolades, best-sellers, platinum albums, and sold out tours; Linda is still happiest in her kitchen, chopping veggies, smelling delicious aromas, and creating tasty, healthy meals for her family.
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 /CONTACT: Larry McGuire or Len Gerkin of Fairmont Foods, 507-238-9001/

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