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 DETROIT, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Advertising awareness of Lincoln- Mercury Division products, which reached the highest levels in the division's history in the 1993 model year, is expected to reach even greater heights in the 1994 model year.
 Focusing on world-class products such as the Lincoln Mark VIII and Mercury Villager minivan, Lincoln-Mercury print and broadcast advertising campaigns for the '94 model year will build on the solid momentum begun in 1993.
 "Last year, we combined our 'Be Big Somewhere Big' media strategy with a strong creative focus on the product to support the very successful launches of the Mercury Villager and the Lincoln Mark VIII, and to build the brand image of Lincoln and Mercury," said Lincoln- Mercury Division Advertising Manager Gerry Donnelly. "As a result, we achieved the highest advertising awareness in Lincoln-Mercury history, and we don't intend to let up. We'll have an even stronger campaign to increase awareness of Lincoln-Mercury Division products in the 1994 model year."
 The Mercury brand positioning for 1994 will focus on "something better" for today's value-conscious shoppers -- better interior room and comfort; better ride and handling; better styling and performance; and better advances in safety and technology, according to Donnelly. The very successful tag line "All this and the quality of a Mercury" will continue in 1994 print and broadcast advertising campaigns.
 Lincoln brand positioning will continue to highlight leadership in areas that are important to demanding buyers in the market, product attributes such as quality and technology.
 "With the launch of the Mercury Villager and Lincoln Mark VIII, we had a very strong advertising and promotional presence last year and it played a major role in getting the word out that something big was happening at Lincoln-Mercury dealerships," Donnelly said. "The result was a surge in showroom traffic with a strong increase in sales. We plan to build on this momentum in the 1994 model year."
 Lincoln-Mercury advertising also will be present on major television shows such as The NFL Today, Barbara Walters Specials, 17 PGA tournaments, including the Lincoln-Mercury sponsorship of the second Kapalua International. Lincoln and Mercury advertising also will be seen in a number of other high-impact television programs such as the Winter Olympics, and spots in the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fiesta bowls.
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 /CONTACT: Carolyn Burke, 313-446-4368, or Carolyn Brown, 313-446-4399, both of Lincoln-Mercury/

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Date:Sep 27, 1993

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