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RA40 Rotary Actuator

The optimum freedom of design provided by the compact and powerful RA40 Rotary Actuator offers new opportunities for care bed applications. It is possible to combine the RA40 Rotary Actuator and a linear actuator all in one application.

Max. Torque: 184 ft-lb (250 Nm)

Voltage: 24 V DC

Rotation Angle: Up to 75 degrees

Max. Speed 0.68 Rpm

Why is a rotary actuator an advantage? By delivering the rotary motion directly, some fittings can be saved in the bed. This enables the bed manufacturer to build-in a rotary actuator far more elegantly than a linear actuator. The result is a more "pure" design because the actuator is not seen as a product hanging under the bed, but as a part of the bed (invisible). Best of all this design still ensures the quiet movement, which is synonymous with LINAK[R] actuators.

Use InfoLINK 4G1138 or call 800-843-1082

LA28 Compact Actuator

LA28 COMPACT is a very quiet and powerful actuator, designed for use in furniture and rehabilitation and a wide range of industrial applications. It can also be used in wheelchair applications where space is a premium. Choose a standard or customized, plug and play actuator system.

This actuator is available with a variety of special options including motor rotation in any direction, strong motor, anti-squeeze protection, brake, safety nut and reed switch.

Max. Thrust: 787 lb (3500 N) with strong motor

Voltage: 12 / 24 V DC

Max. Amp: 15/10

Max. Speed: 0.71 in/s (18 mm/s)

LINAK offers the industry's most complete range of actuator systems including actuators, lifting columns, control boxes, handsets and a wide range of accessories.

Use InfoLINK 4G1139 or call 800-843-1082

LA31 Quiet and Powerful Actuator

The LA31 is a very quiet and powerful actuator. Due to its high capacity, design and protection class (up to IP 66) this actuator is ideal for the care sector, especially in beds. It is designed with built-in limit switches and has many features and options such as speed, thrust, back fixture, cable location, etc.

Max. Thrust: 1349 lb (6000 N) in push and 899 lb (4000 N) in pull

Voltage: 24 V DC

Max. Amp: 9 / 5.1

Max. Speed: 1.69 in/s (43 mm/s)

The LA31 can be used in a variety of other applications including furniture and industrial equipment. The various combinations of motor spindle pitch, back fixture and piston rod eye gives a vast number of solutions, which ensures that many different needs can be covered by the LA31.

Use InfoLINK 4G1140 or call 800-843-1082

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