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LIGNA '09 targets efficiency management: efficiency in resources and production was the overriding theme of the LIGNA Hannover Fair.


Called a "true success" by show management, LIGNA Hannover 2009 finished strong, with five days of steady attendance by more than 83,000 woodworking enthusiasts from over 90 countries.

LIGNA Hannover featured exhibits from 1,758 exhibitors--representing 50 nations--on a total display space of approximately 5 square miles (130,152 square meters). Although this figure is slightly down from the high recorded in 2007, "LIGNA Hannover far exceeded the expectations of our exhibitors, from 50 different countries," said Stephan Kuhne, managing board member of Deutsche Messe, the show organizer.

A number of exhibitors interviewed at the show reported sales leads matching, or in some cases exceeding, those received during the 2007 event. "I think some of the popularity may be due to the focus of the show: Resource Efficiency," Kuhne said. Making more out of wood--energy and resource conservation--is a goal that is universal throughout the woodworking industry, he added.



"Given the factors affecting the industry, a total of over 83,000 visitors is highly respectable. As a potion against the current economic ills, the high caliber of our audience gave rise to many new projects, scores of new business opportunities and numerous business deals," Kuhne added.

According to Deutsche Messe, well over one-third of all trade visitors came from abroad. An analysis of the attendance figures shows the number of attendees representing the construction industry and interior finishing sectors was up, while attendance from the machinery trade was down.

On the next few pages--and online at exclusives--is a sampling of some of the new technology seen by attendees at LIGNA Hannover.

Panel Processing

According to Stiles Machinery, the base on the new moving gantry Weeke BMG 400 is made of Sorb Tech, a vibration-absorbing material from a steel fiber-strengthened mixture. Designed for drilling, routing and sawing at any angle, the BM6 400 includes an exchangeable FLEX5+ aggregate with automatic tool change. The BMG 400 also features program-controlled dust extraction. (616) 698-7500; stitesmachinery. com CIRCLE 119

From Biesse, the new Comil Matrix throughfeed machine allows for boring on five surfaces of a panel--upper, lower and horizontal--and produces customized routing, grooving by blade, hardware insertion and glue injection. Panels in narrow and wide widths can be machined, while the configuration of the work table allows for close work to be carried out. (704) 357-3131; CIRCLE 120

Busellato's new JET Master 5-axis CNC machining center with double Z axis was demonstrated at LIGNA 09. The router motor design uses Liquid-cooling which eliminates the need for aluminum cooling fins. Combined with Busellato's patented B-axis knuckle design, the Jet Master can work in tighter spaces and machine smaller radii than previously possible. The machine was shown equipped with Busellato's patented magnetic quick release pod system, which can be used on manual or motorized pod bases. It is offered in the United States by Delmac Machinery Group. (336) 854-1211; CIRCLE 121

From the SCM Group, Morbidelli showed the Universal X5 HD CNC machining center featuring a 5-axis unit and heavy-duty gantry structure, allowing for speeds up to 120 mpm. The range of configurations allows for working areas of different sizes, an auxiliary boring unit and fast toot change. (770) 813-8818; scmgroup-usa. com CIRCLE 122

From Holz-Her, the Dynestic 7516 CNC machining center offers increased processing dimensions to allow ease of positioning of panels with depths of up to 1,500mm and processing using nested-based manufacturing. It features automatic loading, a roller feed track and an automatic outfeed table for automated processing of panels up to 3,600mm by 1,500mm. (704) 587-3400; CIRCLE 123


Also shown by Holz-Her, the CUT 6120 panel saw has an integrated postforming unit for the chip-free processing of panels with thicknesses up to 50mm at the edges. The saw has a pre-scoring unit which can cut stacks of panels with a thickness of 70mm. The height and width of the prescoring saw is adjusted by a motor from the control and the bi-directional groover has a motor for adjusting the groove depth up to 34mm. (704) 587-3400; CIRCLE 124

Schelling says the DUPLUS+ concept increases the output of panel saws by utilizing two independently working feeders for material positioning in the saw, making it possible to cut the head and main parts, or two strips with staggered cuts, at the same time. Also new for saws is the automatic label applicator that allows for labels to be applied to the board prior to cutting. (919) 544-0430; CIRCLE 125

Giben showed the second evolution of the Model Zero Active Drive beam saw, which won a Challenger's Award in 2008. The Zero Active Drive beam saw incorporates six international patents, including on the pusher system. It is designed for single or double sheet processing in small to medium size shops. (770) 448-9140; CIRCLE 126

Among the new products shown by Holzma was the ecoLine, the company's new energy-saving series of panel saws. The pressing of a button puts the saw into an energy-saving "sleep" mode. In this mode, the main and scoring saw switch off, servo drives are disconnected and the dust collection system is automatically deactivated. (704) 861-8239; CIRCLE 127

Solid Wood Technology

Available from the Weinig Group, the Powermat 2500 high-performance moulder runs at speeds between 20-200 mpm. Assembled to customer specifications, it features Weinig's Powerlock tool technology and includes a new mobile control unit to document the setup status. (704) 7990100; CIRCLE 128

Also at LIGNA, the Raimann EconoRip 310 multi-fold blade saw, from the Weinig Group features the new profiCut Direct control, which the company says ensures simple handling. The EconoRip 310 is the first serial version of the prototype, which was shown at Intech in late 2008. (704) 799-0100; CIRCLE 129

From Biesse, the Uniwin Multicentre CNC door and window machine can perform simultaneous machining of two components and complete machining of arches and curved components in a single cycle. Other functions include: miter cuts and automatic assembly of glazing beads on solid or laminated wood; straight or inclined tenons; squaring and profiting of any type of sash; machining of slots for hardware; and production of pre-finished components for internal and external doors, including raised panel. (704) 357-3131; biesseamerica. com CIRCLE 130

Wintersteiger's Woodtech automated, integrated system for customized process solutions incorporates the new DSB Singlehead handsaw for the thin cutting of lamellas. The DSB features driven top and bottom feed rollers and a flexible blade guiding system. The machine can be adjusted to any workpiece width, Wintersteiger says. (866) 844-6288; CIRCLE 131

Available in the United States from Delmac Machinery Group, the Bonacin Closer P2500 automatic throughfeed clamp features touchscreen control, NC positioning of intermediate lateral pressing bars and automatic control of the damp cycle. Boxes can be clamped singularly or in multiples and the clamp can press sizes up to 98.4 in. long, 49.2 in. high and 31 in. deep. (336) 854-1211; CIRCLE 132

From the SCM Group, Routech debuted FEED, a flow CNC center able to machine an assembled door or window, including squaring, slotting and hardware locations. The workpiece loading and unloading is automatically controlled, enabling FEED to be integrated easily into a flexible machining cell. (770) 813-8818; CIRCLE 133

Koch's LightPanel is available in single sided and double-sided models for equipping lightweight panels with fixing connections --even with very thin face material automatically. The technology allows for almost hidden placement of the fixing and adhesive dowels, enabling standard fittings to be screwed in as usual The machine also can be equipped with drilling and milling units. (678) 444-5000; CIRCLE 134


Edge & Surface Technology

Homag's patented laserTec edgebander joins the edge and panel using laser-heated edging material which renders any join practically invisible. According to Homag, the laser technology produces higher processing quality, while significantly reducing costs compared to PU hotmelt processing methods. Homag is represented in the United States by Stiles Machinery. (616) 698-7500; CIRCLE 135

IMA's Laser Edging process uses a special polymer instead of conventional glues and is bonded to the decorative edging material in the coextrusion process, producing a joint-free bond, IMA says. The laser edgebanding technology requires no pre-heating and does not need specific release and cleaning agents. (919) 246-0350; imaamerica. com CIRCLE 136

Part of the SCM Group, Stefani says its new Light Panel Technology is an extremely flexible application since it is not bound to the panel height, making it possible to process from 20-60mm-thick panels. The support material is applied, with very limited tolerance, on all four sides, without the use of additional processing units. (770) 8138818; CIRCLE 137

Holz-Her's new ARCUS edgebander accepts panel thicknesses up to 60mm and edge thicknesses between 3mm and 15mm, depending on the equipment. With a standard feed rate of 10-18 mpm, ARCUS is available in six different versions. Features include: pre-milling cutter units, high-performance end trimmers, flush and fine cutting units, shaping cutter units and finishing units with integrated cleaning. (704) 587-3400; CIRCLE 138

From Italpresse, the V-8/32-16 throughfeed hot press features a panel indexing system that allows glued panels up to 5 ft by 10 Pc to be laid down on the bottom face material by a single operator. The press features: a color graphic touchscreen controller; digital control of the laminating pressure and platen temperature; automatic setting of the hydraulic pressure and exclusion of press cylinders according to programmed panel dimensions; and electronic detection of platen deflection due to improper loading of the press. (941) 639-2100; CIRCLE 139

At Cefla's booth, the Mito spray machine features an inverted-V plenum which Cefla says results in better control on overspray and a higher application quality. The machine has twin reverse-roll recovery, a fast-change guns trolley and a JIT device for small batches and reduced coatings usage. (336) 662-9813; CIRCLE 140

Buetfering introduced the 900 series of sanders designed for heavy production needs. It has the new Sorb Tech base construction, with reportedly excellent strength, stability and vibration absorption. The 900 series has feed speeds up to 210 fpm and can accommodate working widths of 54 in., 65 in. and 86 in. The machine is offered in the United States by Stiles Machinery. (616) 698-7500; stiles CIRCLE 141.


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