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At a recent ceremony in Berne, Swiss President Ruth Dreifuss awarded 37 lifesavers the highest honour bestowed by the Carnegie Institute for valour in saving the life of a fellow human being. But there was one hero who stood out from the crowd of silver-medallion recipients. On a cold winter day, 19-year-old Patricia Marti was strolling along the Aare River when she spotted a drowning woman. Without hesitation, she plunged into the icy water, dragging the woman ashore while trying to breath life into her. But unknown to the lifesaver at the time, she had saved a woman who was trying to take her own life. For Patricia Marti swimming in the Aare River had just been another summer pleasure until that fateful day.
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Author:Anderson, Robert (American businessperson and engineer)
Publication:Swiss News
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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