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Monday: Unplugged - Oasis (BBC1, 12.55am): Liam and Noel Gallagher's band in concert - screened when most of their young fans will be in bed. Smart scheduling ... not!

The gig was at London's Festival Hall last summer and one of the highlights is Noel performing a solo version of Morning Glory.

Tuesday: Touching Evil (ITV, 9.00pm): Robson Green has really taken to his new role as scarred - physically and mentally - Dave Creegan. His cheeky chappie persona is long forgotten as he bends and then breaks the rules in an attempt to find the abducted boys before time runs out.

You wonder though if a cop like this really could survive in the force.

Wednesday: Coronation Street (ITV, 7.30pm). Just when you thought that the McDonald family had to be shoved on to a removal van to drive them far away from this soap, along comes an intriguing storyline.

After his divorce from Liz, Jim McDonald (Charles Lawson) goes out on his first date. Is he heading for a true romance?

Thursday: Bodyguards (ITV, 9.00pm). Highly trained coppers Shaw and Worrell - Louise Lombard and Sean Pertwee - have to protect a 13- year-old boy who is the key witness in a murder case.

Friday: See You Friday (ITV, 8.30pm). Drop The Dead Donkey favourite Neil Pearson and Joanna Roth star as a couple who meet on holiday. They want to stay in touch back in Blighty. Trouble is that she lives in London, while he's in Newcastle.
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Date:May 3, 1997
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