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LGS and REDCOM Successfully Demonstrate Secure and Interoperable Command Communications at JUICE 2009 Exercise.

Joint LGS-REDCOM Solution Helps Solve Communications Issues Confronting U.S. Military

VIENNA, Va. & VICTOR, N.Y. -- LGS, the U.S. government subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU), and REDCOM Laboratories Inc., a company that designs and manufactures one of the world's most reliable digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems, announced today that the companies successfully tested and demonstrated Command and Control (C2) communications across a multitude of networks and standards. The tests were conducted at the Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise (JUICE) 2009 held in at Fort Monmouth, N.J. JUICE is an annual Department of Defense exercise that optimizes and field tests existing communications technologies with emerging and new technologies in a number of in-theater scenarios.

LGS and REDCOM demonstrated their ability at JUICE 2009 to provide seamless, secure interoperability between fixed and mobile, tactical military users over a converged network. Dialing ten digits using a Secure GSM Handset and then connecting with and operating a Secured HF Radio is an example of the kind of interoperable communications demonstrated at JUICE 2009.

The hypothetical JUICE scenarios can easily be translated into real-life situations being experienced by a soldier on patrol in remote mountainous regions. The soldier's ability to communicate in remote geographic areas is a lifeline that requires secure, interoperable and reliable communications through a converged network of technologies that may include VoIP, TDM, IP Satcom, GSM Cellular, tactical radios, cryptographic devices, WiFi, and WiMAX. It has been a challenge to place a secure, point-to-point call between like and unlike devices in this kind of environment. In the end, the soldier's ability to quickly and easily communicate about impending threats, position changes and receive command information can impact the mission's success and saves lives in the process.

"LGS and REDCOM worked together for the last year to demonstrate an off-the-shelf solution for warfighter interoperability. Even in some of the most challenging communications environments, this interoperability is made as easy as making a normal cell phone call in the U.S.," said Klaus Gueldenpfennig, President, REDCOM. "Technology has evolved to the point where warfighters can pick up the phone, dial the required digits, and have their calls go through regardless of their location."

"LGS has worked closely with REDCOM to provide tactical communications solutions that meet the challenging and changing circumstances of modern military operations," said Ron Iverson, CEO, LGS. "Soldiers have been divided by networks that do not lend themselves easily to interoperability. JUICE 2009 has demonstrated that transparency is technically feasible in the joint operating environment."

The solution set demonstrated at JUICE 2009 combined the LGS Tactical Base Station Router (TacBSR(TM)) multi-band GSM cellular system, the REDCOM SLICE[R] 2100[TM] and the High Density Exchange (HDX) voice switching systems, powered by REDCOM's TRANSip[R] technology suite, which enables seamless integrated VoIP and TDM interoperability in a single platform. The converged solution included IP Satcom, WiFi and terrestrial circuits.

Some of the applications and capabilities demonstrated included: Advanced VoSIP Gateway Application, Single Dial VoSIP<->TDM Access and interoperability including MLPP, Single Dial Access to Secure Radios, Secure Wireless and Wireless MLPP, as well as point-to-point Secure VoIP and Secure TDM Interoperability.

An important capability that was demonstrated at JUICE 2009 was the ability to provide authorized GSM cellular users with priority and preemption features for high-priority calling, end-to-end, via LGS and REDCOM's implementation of a key DoD feature - MLPP (Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption). MLPP ensures that the most important calls get through during crisis situations and it is an essential element of C(2). Tactical cellular using MLPP was successfully demonstrated at JUICE 2009 with the ability to "tandem" and deliver priority calls to the end location and individual soldiers.

The results from JUICE 2009 proved the fact that secure voice interoperability during the military's transition from circuit-switched networks to packet-switched networks is available now using published standards and technologies.

About LGS

LGS, a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU), designs and delivers Transformed Communications and R&D-based technology solutions to the U.S. government community. Leveraging the world-class R&D of Bell Labs and innovation of Alcatel-Lucent, with global reach and expertise, LGS challenges itself to solve the unsolvable and deliver secure, reliable, standards-based solutions to its customers. For more information about LGS visit


For more than 30 years, REDCOM has designed and manufactured innovative telecommunications products noted for their quality and reliability. REDCOM products provide customers with state-of-the-art public and private network systems, programmable switches, test equipment, interoperable tactical systems, and transportable communications platforms for disaster recovery. Located in Victor, New York, REDCOM markets to a global customer base, customizing products to meet each market's specific needs. All REDCOM products are designed and manufactured in the United States. REDCOM is a closely-held private company. The company website is:

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Date:Jul 9, 2009
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