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LG&E Enertech Selects Datapult(SM) as Provider of Energy Monitoring Services.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 20 /PRNewswire/ --

Datapult, LP today announced that it has been selected as the provider of energy monitoring services for LG&E Enertech, a non-regulated subsidiary of LG&E Energy Corporation.

Enertech will integrate Datapult's portfolio of energy information services, marketed under the Enertech name, into its current offering of products and services for its service territory in Kentucky and contiguous markets. This alliance will allow Enertech to offer proprietary energy monitoring services that will utilize Datapult technology to transform energy usage data into valuable information, allowing customers to manage energy costs more efficiently.

Under the terms of the reseller agreement, Enertech will use Datapult equipment and software to monitor customers' various energy loads including total energy usage, individual process loads and ambient temperature. Customers will therefore be able to see "profiles" of their energy loads throughout a day, in fifteen-minute increments of energy usage. It is the ability to "see the usage" that enables customers and Enertech to specifically identify savings opportunities. "Critical event" tools, or "alarms," that notify clients of energy-wasting conditions will be coupled with these monitoring capabilities to create a robust service platform.

"Datapult is excited to be able to combine selected portions of our energy information services portfolio with a proven energy company such as Enertech," said Patrick A. Weller, director of sales for Datapult. "We are confident that Enertech customers will greatly benefit from having access to such powerful energy information tools."

According to Ron Valentine, director of new business development for Enertech, this association with Datapult will create beneficial opportunities for Enertech's customers.

"When it comes to energy consumption, what a business doesn't know really can cost them," Valentine said. "We help our customers by showing them precisely how they are using energy and how they can use energy more efficiently to achieve cost savings. The use of Datapult's state-of-the-art energy monitoring equipment and software will tremendously advance our abilities to show our customers where to find their savings and problem areas. We will also offer our core competency of energy analysis and performance contracting to help them implement energy-efficiency programs when appropriate."

In addition to a robust portfolio of energy products and services that provide valuable usage information, Datapult has an established record of successfully implementing and supporting numerous energy services projects throughout the United States.

"Datapult is extremely pleased about this new alliance between our organization and Enertech," said William A. Randle, managing director of Datapult. "We anticipate a favorable response from Enertech customers who will be able to increase their knowledge of energy consumption and ascertain energy savings opportunities."

LG&E Enertech, a non-regulated subsidiary of LG&E Energy Corporation, serves commercial and industrial businesses and contiguous markets with a comprehensive array of energy-management and-enhancement services. Enertech customarily contracts with customers to guarantee energy savings, allowing them to finance their Enertech projects directly from achieved savings.

LG&E Energy Corporation, headquartered in Louisville, Ky., is a diversified energy services company that is a member of the Powergen plc. (NYSE: PWG; London) group of companies. With assets of nearly $14 billion, revenues of $9 billion and four million customers worldwide, Powergen is one of the United Kingdom's leading integrated gas and electric companies. As Powergen's North American headquarters, LG&E Energy owns and operates Louisville Gas and Electric Company, a regulated electric and gas utility serving Louisville, Ky., and 16 surrounding counties; and Kentucky Utilities Company, a regulated electric utility, based in Lexington, Ky., which serves customers in 77 Kentucky counties and five counties in Virginia. LG&E Energy also owns interests in certain independent energy and energy-related businesses. Additional information about LG&E Energy may be found at .

Datapult, LP markets energy information, data collection and processing services under the Datapult(SM) name. Datapult's portfolio of products and services deliver meaningful, accurate information about energy use to commercial, industrial and energy supply customers throughout North America. Datapult services are available directly through Datapult or through one of its Value Added Resellers. Datapult is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with a regional and operations center in Austin, Texas, and a product development center in Roanoke, Virginia.

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Date:Jul 20, 2001
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