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LFC is NOT Liverpool - we, the people, are; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB.

BACK in 2008, Liverpool FC attempted to hijack OUR Liver Bird, and by 2010 they succeeded with a watered-down application (LFC's bid to trademark "Liverpool" under attack, ECHO, July 26).

It comes as no surprise to read in the ECHO that the club has applied to have the name of "Liverpool" itself trade-marked.

For long enough, we have seen posters, bus advertising and the like claiming "We Are Liverpool", with no mention of FC.

Just who does this club think they are? They are NOT Liverpool, and NEVER will be, they are simply Liverpool Football Club.

It is the people of our great city that are Liverpool, not a football club motivated by greed while claiming to help protect fans from buying counterfeit shirts, etc.

Many fans cannot afford the silly prices that clubs ask, and are grateful to be able to buy cheaper ones at local shops, especially for their children. I see it as a blatant attempt to corner the market, and our council must not cave in again, as they did with the Liver Bird.

Furthermore, such antics do nothing for the good relationship that exists between Blues and Reds, and I am pleased to read that many Reds fans are also unhappy with the proposal.

We all know that Liverpool FC is a great club - but, come off it, LFC, you are no Liverpool. Charles Roberts (Blue), Woolton It's not personal IN REPLY to the person who asked why I criticise Everton FC "at every opportunity" and my supposed lack of comment on the proposed sale of Melwood by Liverpool FC (Quick question, ECHO, July 26).

Here is my quick answer. When the proposed move from Melwood was first mooted, I did indeed write to the ECHO stating my objections to the idea. I never, however, objected to the earlier sale of nearby Bellefield, by Everton FC.

Neither myself nor any other local taxpayer ever had the opportunity to object to the council buying the training ground at Finch Farm as it was sprung on "the people" without consultation.

We also never had the chance to object to further millions of pounds of taxpayers' money being spent on the upgrade of this property. Finch Farm is sponsored by a Russian oligarch but not one penny goes back to "the people" who own it.

As for my criticising Everton FC, this person is mistaken. I do not criticise the proud and historic Everton Football Club or their fans. I criticise unfairness, I question why "the people" should subsidise a billionaire football club owner. I am incandescent that the proposed loan of PS280m of taxpayers' money has still not been officially scrapped.

I am all in favour of a new stadium for Everton, but I don't see why the taxpayer should fund it ... especially when "the people" get no say in any decision.

I can honestly say that few people are more annoyed than myself that Melwood is being sold. I am also firmly against noisy concerts at Anfield. I wrote a letter stating my objections to both the Melwood sale and concerts, but not every letter gets published. I hope this answers the writer's question. S Howard, L13 What lies? I AM WRITING to comment on recent letters on this page that wondered how Mr Corbyn puts up with all the lies and criticism heaped on him from all quarters.

It doesn't bother him one iota. He's had a political lifetime of critics that hasn't changed him. One contributor, Mr D Finney, (July 21) even said the BBC was anti-Corbyn.

Well, I've stopped laughing now, and would like to point out that the father of Seumas Milne, the millionaire Stalinist and advisor to Corbyn, was at one time Governor of the BBC. Like father like son, maybe.

Let's get to the lies against Mr Corbyn. I'm not sure what they are. Is it that he is a Marxist? No, that's true.

Is it that he supports Irish and Arab terrorists? No, that's true. The photographs prove that.

Is it that he is easily swayed? True. The man has been anti-European all his political life, now, when it comes to the crunch, he changes his stance in a votecatching move. I'll await the replies to inform me where I've gone wrong.

The major point is this man could become Prime Minister if a general election is held soon. The two main parties are fractured beyond belief. The country is, to all intents, split down the middle. To the left, joining the regular Labour vote are now all the "its" and "isms" of the political scene.

To the right, the vote is now divided between Tory, Brexit, UKIP, Liberal, etc. If it stays the same, Corbyn will sail in.

The main hype generated by the Left contributors to these pages is the anti-capitalist stance. Readers, do you know capitalist means? It means free enterprise. Not quite the same sinister overtones in that description is there? So, if you are against free enterprise and all it entails, then vote Labour, and have your life governed by the state.

Keith Ranford, Aughton It's incompatible I REMEMBER a previous occasion when a right-wing Tory government under Margaret Thatcher increased funding for the police.

This was prior to its ideological (and alleged physical) assault on organised labour, which culminated in "the battle of Orgreave", during the 1984 Miners' Strike.

Groups in favour of introducing social justice and mitigating the effects of climate breakdown should be aware that their agenda is incompatible with the ideology of this government. Geoff Naylor, via email Thank you, Doug A FEW weeks ago, Doug Sharkey's daughter wrote to say her dad was not well.

I was so sad to hear this for Doug - you have given me so much pleasure, with your poems on so many subjects.

I wish I had your talent. I have 12 of your poems - I think I may be short of one or two.

The Poem, My Way, as sung by Tony Blair, when he and Cherie were leaving Number 10 Downing Street, is my favourite. It's the one that got me hooked many years ago.

I often have a sing-song. It's a pity they could not be put in a little booklet, for I am sure I'm not the only one who enjoys a talent like yours.

Thank you, Doug. A Haynes, address supplied Join in study DOES your teenager experience chronic pain? Are you an internet user? The Pain Research Laboratory at the University of Southampton is seeking teenagers and their parents to take part in a study about chronic pain.

We are currently exploring what teenagers, and parents, would like from an online program to help manage chronic pain. We are interested in the pain management techniques teenagers use, and we would like to know which techniques might be useful to have access to at home, via the internet.

If you would like to take part, you can follow the anonymous survey link: https:// SV_40FSKSEBFOFNJ6Z If you have any further questions about this research, please email (Anna) and I will be happy to answer them.

Anna Hurley-Wallace (MSc, MBPsS), via email The small print: Letters will not be included unless you include your name, full postal address and daytime telephone number (we prefer to use names of letter writers but you can ask for your name not to be published if you have a good reason). The Editor reserves the right to edit all letters.

I wish I had your talent. I have 12 of your poems - I think I may be short of one or two. A Haynes, address supplied

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Date:Jul 29, 2019
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