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LEXIS-NEXIS enhances Xchange for Business and announces new law offerings.

LEXIS-NEXIS has announced the release of LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange for Business, and added features to LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange. The company has also announced the addition of a signal feature to Case Law and the launch of the LEXIS-NEXIS Career Center.

LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange for Business

With LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange for Business, professionals can stay current on events of interest and search the world's largest collection of global news and business information all at one Web location, according to the company.

This Web-browser-based news and business information gathering tool provides the depth and breadth of information that, according to the company, can only be fueled by the power and reliability of the LEXIS-NEXIS services. The product combines the functionality of all of LEXIS-NEXIS' current Web products for business customers into one: daily monitoring of department-wide topics, daily monitoring of an individual's topic of interest, and ad hoc searching capabilities.

LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange for Business is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01+ and Netscape 3.01+ and requires no proprietary software or hardware.

Enhancements to LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange

According to the company, law firms can now more accurately recover online research costs with the new enhancements to the LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange Web-based service, simplifying a law practice's billing and accounting process.

These new client validation features on LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange offer firms a method for ensuring that a specific LEXIS-NEXIS research session is correctly associated with a particular client, providing the necessary detail for billing and cost recovery purposes. The feature assigns an alphanumeric code to each client. The code is then entered at the start of a research session in the LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange service.

The service offers law firms the ability to link directly to their current list of clients through either a Web-based method or by connecting to their existing Windows client validation tool. Another enhancement also makes the process of selecting sources within LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange Research more convenient, because fewer clicks are required to find a specific legal, business, or financial source on LEXIS-NEXIS.

LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange enables legal professionals to use standard Web browsers to access the LEXIS-NEXIS collection of legal materials along with numerous free resources such as practice-specific information and commentary from recognized legal experts. Since the service is Web-based, there is no hardware or software to purchase or upgrade as enhancements are released.

Shepard's and Auto-Cite Information

LEXIS-NEXIS says that the LEXIS Case Law Signal now incorporates both Shepard's and Auto-Cite citations information to give legal professionals immediate notification of the need to verify the precedential value of a particular case.

The Signal feature is integrated directly into the display of case law on the LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange Research Web-based service and on the LEXIS-NEXIS services accessed via the proprietary research software.

The feature uses "Stop" and "Caution" signals that alert the researcher to citing references that have a negative impact on the particular case, along with hypertext links that connect the user with the Shepard's and Auto-Cite citations reports specific to that case.

Incorporating the thorough analysis from Shepard's and Auto-Cite's staffs of editors that read and analyze every case, the Signal feature covers all state and federal case law.

Career Center for Law Students and Legal Professionals

Law students and legal professionals now have a comprehensive site on the World Wide Web to access career development materials and services with the launch of the LEXIS-NEXIS Career Center, says the company.

The Web-based career center provides job prospecting services and career-related resources from EmplawyerNet, NALP, the LEXIS-NEXIS CAREER library, and the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. Students and legal professionals can preview the LEXIS-NEXIS Career Center by visiting the LEXIS-NEXIS Xchange site for law schools at school.

The career center provides access to EmplawyerNet, a job prospecting and career development network with more than 5,000 live job leads, updated daily. A product of the Legal Recruitment Network, Inc., the service compiles a database of legal jobs around the country and enables candidates to electronically tile a copy of their profiles and resumes for retrieval by prospective employers.

Legal career planning and recruitment publications from NALP, including The Judicial Clerkship Directory and The National Directory of Legal Employers, are available exclusively on the career center site beginning in May. The NALP directories help to identify prospective employers in a specific geographic location and offer insights on the employment needs of U.S. law firms, government agencies, and corporations.

Also accessible through the career center is the LEXIS-NEXIS CAREER online library, containing over 70 legal directories, including the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, the authoritative directory listing over 900,000 attorneys and law firms worldwide. The CAREER library contains a range of useful information, from legal, government, and judicial clerkship job sources to publications detailing how to successfully develop a Job search strategy.

Law students can access tips on writing resumes and cover letters and also place their resumes in the Martindale-Hubbell Student Directory, available on LEXIS-NEXIS, for retrieval by law firms.

In the coming months, the company says that the LEXIS-NEXIS Career Center will offer tutorials and materials from other strategic partners, including the Practicing Law Institute and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

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