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LEXIS(R)-NEXIS(R) Licensing Agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions in Canada is pleased to announce an agreement with LEXIS-NEXIS that has put most of the database's data online. The data in the detailed transaction listings from the current M&AiC newsletter back to 1994 is available to L-N subscribers. The data is being updated on a monthly basis to coincide with the printing of the newsletter.

Only the data represented by the transaction listings in the centre of the monthly newsletter is currently accessible online. The statistics on the back cover of the newsletter or in the annual directory will continue to be available only in hard copy for the present.

A recent L-N project has been adding Canadian business material to its information services and we hope our inclusion will be of benefit to both M&AiC and L-N users.


LEXIS-NEXIS is an online publisher based in Dayton, Ohio. The LEXIS service began in 1973 as a research aid for the legal profession. It was the first commercial, full-text legal information service. The NEXIS service was added in 1979 to incorporate news and information. LEXIS-NEXIS Canada is operated by Butterworths Canada Ltd. and all are members of the Reed Elsevier plc group.

L-N offers users 24,000 sources of legal and business-oriented material from around the world. L-N subscribers can log in through their classic dial-up software or through the Web site.

To find the M&AiC data just search in

Library: COMPANY

File Name: M&AIC

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Publication:Mergers & Acquisitions in Canada
Date:May 1, 2000
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