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Blue Water Navy veterans

H.R. 299, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, was at long last enacted into federal law in June. As a Blue Water Navy combat veteran of Vietnam myself, I applaud Congress for finally passing this vital legislation. I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to DAV and all veterans service organizations on this outcome. I want to encourage all veterans to reach out to Vietnam veterans in their communities who are now finally eligible for the associated VA benefits. Rex Settlemoir, via email

VA caregiver program

I lost my benefits when they restructured the program. I can't drive, bathe alone or cook. I fall down my stairs weekly, lose my balance and need assistance. I can't bend to put pants or shoes on. I frequently forget my meds and either don't take them or take a double dose and have ended up in the hospital among other issues. But the VA says I don't qualify anymore. Now I stay in my room until my kids or wife get home. Richard Leahigh, via Facebook

They consider a stroke while on active duty not an injury but an illness, so we don't qualify even though my husband is rated by the VA at 100%. It should be the same standards. He didn't ask for the hemorrhagic stroke that nearly killed him while serving his country. Sacha Hoffrogge, via Facebook

Space-A benefit flaw

Given the enormous public tax dollars spent, can anyone say that a veteran on Space-A would not cherish this benefit 100 times as much with chosen companion(s)?

The lack of chosen companion(s) on Space-A military flights--disheartening but totally solvable! Jerry Chesnut, via Facebook

It costs the government nothing, as it is strictly on a space-available basis. My guess is if dependents were included, it might knock a waiting disabled veteran out of a seat and give preference to a nondisabled person over the next in line. Jimmy Tiller, via Facebook

DAV's need for volunteer drivers

As a veteran who never thought I would need help, too stubborn and proud to ask for it, I had severe knee problems and was unable to drive and could barely walk. DAV came through with flying colors, and this old veteran is very thankful for the rides. Please volunteer. Edward Cahir, via Facebook

VA privatization

Privatization is the only savior to the separate-but-equal VA medical care. Money is not the problem at VA facilities; it is the government work environment. Gary Granata, via email

I'm a Vietnam combat veteran who over the years has used the VA medical system extensively, and I'm more than satisfied with the care I have received. Those who want to privatize want to only for the profit they may derive. Our medical industry, the private one, is a disaster, and that is why a significant majority want a single-payer system. The fact that so much money is in politics means the deepest pocket has the loudest voice, whether it's truthful or not. If the VA goes private, it will be a sad day. Nathan Farbman, via email

Medical cannabis

Medical marijuana gives veterans a choice between pharmaceutical drugs and genuine relief. Employers entrenched in outdated and inadequate perceptions hinder veterans from returning to the workforce as more efficient and more capable employees. David Sauer, via Facebook

Burn pit veterans dying amid delays

It took them 35 years to recognize Agent Orange, why would this be any different. Roy Baumann, via Facebook

DAV now is the time to show your teeth and get some action on this! Rick Brinkman, via Facebook

It should be a given that if you get sick or injured while on active duty that you get disability. All you should have to wait for is your percent of disability. You shouldn't have to fight for years to prove something that is clearly stated in your military medical records. The government needs to just give it to them, not fight it. Susan Lake, via Facebook

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Date:Nov 1, 2019
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