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Great Stuff

YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT JOURNALISM. What I planned as a brief visit to your Web site turned into an afternoon of reading. It is a great resource for those of us who are trying to learn about the markets our customers serve.

Pete Kennedy

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Pale Baby

I HAVE BEEN ENJOYING LATIN TRADE FOR some time now and one thing caught my attention in the April 2000 edition. The cover featuring the baby representing the young CEOs in the region didn't look very Latin. Although lots of Hispanics are white, I think most of us have a little darker complexion.

Germ[acute{a}]n Carmona

Bloomington, Minnesota

Flagging View

I HAVE ALWAYS LIKED LATIN TRADE FOR ITS coverage of Latin American business until I read the last page of the March 2000 issue ("Flagging Coursework"). I see your "Point Of View" as, frankly, ignorant of Mexico's reality.

Yes, many bright students do study in private universities but not all. The best biologists, for example, study in Mexico's public universities, which have the best laboratories and resources for the development of their careers. UNAM has the best libraries and researchers in Mexico. Is that irrelevant? Such a great magazine, such poor vision.

Alfredo Narv[acute{a}]ez

Mexico City, Mexico

Poor Choice

WOULD THE NEW YORK TIMES SUGGEST ITS readers check out a Web site of an organization that hurts Americans? Would LATIN TRADE recommend a Fidel Castro-inspired Web site that protests the United States or the exiled Cuban community? I don't think so. Then why would you suggest that readers look at the ELN Web site (March 2000)?

This is an organization that finances itself, and probably its Web site, by kidnapping, extorting and killing thousands of honest Colombians, not to mention drug smuggling and oil pipe bombings. I hope this is just a temporary loss of sight and not another example of the U.S. media being incredibly na[ddot{i}]ve and culturally insensitive.

Roberto Concha

Huntington Beach, California
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Publication:Latin Trade
Date:Jul 1, 2000
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