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Pro-life men: Be pro-condom

James L. Smith's Jan. 13 letter concerning the number of abortions in the United States is another example of the disproportionate number of men who like to address the abortion issue by pointing their accusatory fingers at women and organizations like Planned Parenthood.

They parade for the rights of the unborn with righteous indignation and the fervor of zealots. I do hope that such men make a point of always using condoms when having sex and are teaching their sons to do the same. If these concerned males truly care about the rights of the unborn, they should conduct their lives and sexual activities more responsibly and teach their sons and every young man they come in contact with to do the same.

If all men did their part by using condoms every single time they engage in sex, we could eliminate at least 75 percent of unplanned pregnancies and many, many abortions. And the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases would drop exponentially as well.

Next time Smith holds a vigil, let it be for teaching every man to act responsibly by not engaging in unprotected sex. He could also dip into his own pocket and hand out free condoms to those less fortunate who need them. If every man put into action the ideas cited above, what a better world this would be for all men, women and children!

Do your part to stop abortions, guys. Use condoms every single time you engage in sex.


Junction City

Bush has mismanaged Iraq war

President Bush asks that we trust his judgment once more. On what basis?

This war has been mismanaged from the start. A war that never should have been started, begun on cooked-up intelligence, a war that has seen massive suffering and loss of life, that has destroyed the infrastructure of a sovereign nation, that is adding more unnecessary turmoil to a region of the world that clearly doesn't need more chaos and that has caused the American people to vote overwhelmingly against it should be stopped now. No more second, third and fourth chances into infinity for this president. He has shown himself incapable of leading and unable to make clear, reasoned decisions.

No more money and no more lives should be sacrificed for the ego of someone whose leadership has proven to be a complete and total disaster. No private corporation would put up with this much mismanagement and this much loss, and neither should our president be allowed to continue on this disastrous path.

More lost lives and more ridiculously large sums of money will not transform this fiasco into the president's "noble cause." Enough already. Bring American forces home now!



LCC must address shortfall

At the Jan. 10 Lane Community College Board's budget work session, the impending shortfall in the next fiscal year of about $4.7 million was considered.

Some 150 suggestions were presented in the cost-cutting department, and about half that number in revenue growth. The administration made it clear that it had not been seriously analyzed but, even so, it was evident that many of the suggestions were extremely naive.

Besides the upcoming deficit, there is a tentative budget deficit of $8 million projected for the following year. To make matters worse, the general fund ending balance for last year fell below the prudent minimum established by board policy by more than $1 million. Roger Hall, longtime board member and former chairman, raised the point that it was fruitless to set a budget for next year that didn't address the shortfall.

Unfortunately, it's nearly mathematically impossible to shrink LCC out of its fiscal problems. The biggest expense categories are instructional, and instruction is what brings cash to LCC. Cut instructional expense and you're likely to lose revenue - in many cases, more revenue than the costs you cut.

If you have no destination in mind, it doesn't matter what road you take because you'll never arrive. LCC needs an overarching plan that pencils out with realistic assumptions. It is possible to put together such a plan, involving growth as well as simplification and focus, but time is rapidly running out.



Stop trashing Oregon highways

I have just returned to Eugene from a vacation to Southern California. I drove down Interstate 5 and returned via U.S. Highway 1 on the coast. To my surprise, the filthiest part of I-5 is the section from the McKenzie River to the Goshen exit. Interstate 105 through Eugene and Springfield isn't much better.

The last time I called Oregon Department of Transportation to voice my concerns, I was told that they were having problems finding "enough 19-year-olds to pick up the trash along side of the roads."

I am appalled by the amount of trash on the side of the road and in the median along I-5 and I-105. We as Oregonians should be ashamed of this mess! I know I am.

It's time to take pride in the community we live in and stop trashing the place. Be responsible and dispose of your trash properly.



Professors right to decry sports

Professors Nathan Tublitz and James Earl are right on target with their report on the sorry status of academics in light of the glowing condition of the University of Oregon's sports program (Commentary, Jan. 14). Kudos to these dedicated and award-winning teachers!

That the UO has such dedication and talent among its faculty should also be noted as another reason why the state of Oregon and the UO administration must be more supportive of the needs of academics.

How much more could be done in educating Oregon's children if basic funding issues weren't always blocking the road to achievement and success?



Why keep faulty snow device?

I am puzzled, nonplussed and downright confused. What kind of brains are being used to continue for 10 years relying on a "new" automated weather measuring device (Register-Guard, Jan. 13) that has from the first given faulty measurements?

I ask, would it not be the least bit prudent after the first incorrect report to have modified, corrected, fixed or ditched this piece of junk? On what are airline dispatchers relying, when from the automated reporting devices they cannot know if the Eugene Airport may be lying under two to six inches of snow? Why, after 10 years - 10 years, mind you - are our weather people still relying on this equipment?

Business CEOs wouldn't continue to use any piece of equipment upon which they relied for data regarding production levels that told them nothing was being produced although they were paying full wages. School officials wouldn't continue to rely on a computer that told them their students were not receiving grades.

And why, when they first became aware that the automated weather measurements were reporting zeros, did the weather people not go out and stick their rulers into cylinders full of snow and manually report their findings?

How much did this piece of equipment cost the taxpayers? I may be thinking too simplistically but shouldn't something have been done to correct that piece of junk after the first faulty report? Give me a break!



OSAA plan endangers students

On Jan. 12, the boys basketball teams from Sheldon High School were asked to travel to Medford for their scheduled games. This is part of the Oregon School Activities Association reclassification scheme that placed Sheldon and South Eugene high schools in a Southern Oregon-based sports league.

The next morning, we read this headline in The Register-Guard: "Black ice blamed in freeway death." Tragically, on the same night our kids were required to travel six hours on icy roads, a driver was killed on Interstate 5 - between Eugene and Medford - when her car crashed into a freight truck.

How long are we going to play Russian roulette with our children's lives? Yes, we made it home safe, as did the Sheldon basketball teams - largely because most rational people stayed off the roads. But as this tragic accident makes perfectly clear, it only takes one patch of black ice to take a human life.

Will this madness continue until we rise one morning and read this headline in the paper: `36 dead as team bus crashes traveling to Medford?" Why do we continue to prioritize sports over academics, cost and, most importantly, safety?

Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo has indicated she plans to make one of these trips to Medford to see what it's like. I wonder why she didn't travel with Sheldon on Jan 12. Too dangerous, perhaps? The insanity of this reclassification needs to stop, immediately.



Street unsafe in cold weather

At the time of the first cold spell, I lost control of my car on a sheet of ice while driving my child to South Eugene High School. I was headed straight downhill right into Willamette Street traffic! Luckily, I avoided a possible catastrophe.

There is a constant run-off of water on 19th Avenue between Olive and Willamette, which turns to a sheet of ice in the cold. It is a very steep street and is used frequently as a main road to reach South by car and bike. This situation could be deadly if someone were to slide straight into Willamette traffic.

I phoned the police and told them about the issue but noticed that nothing had been done over a period of a few weeks. I then called the city offices and left a message at the desk of the Transportation Department. Still nothing has changed, and nobody has returned my call.

Couldn't the street be closed off in icy conditions, or couldn't the city put salt down? Something? What will it take for someone to pay attention and do something? I am afraid to think of it.



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