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Startling cyclists not funny

So, there I was, riding my bike on Country Club Road, enjoying the nice crisp fall air and feeling grateful to be living in an area that sports nice, wide bike lanes and miles of bike-pedestrian paths. A small yellow school bus, Springfield Public School bus No. 4, passed me while I was in this "Zen" state and a teenage boy stuck his head out the window and ferociously "barked" at me.

I guess he thought it was funny to see me jump out of my skin.

Meanwhile, I had that yucky adrenaline rush feeling one gets as the "fight or flight" reaction takes over. I can only hope that some day this boy will mature, become a bicyclist and understand why it is not funny to do this to people.

My husband, ever the optimist, says I should point out that the boy did apologize to me as I passed him at a stop light. If only I thought he was sincere and not just doing what the bus driver told him to do.

Mimi Huxley


Peeping Tom-cam is legal

I just want to make people in Springfield aware that if their neighbor points a security camera at their bathroom window, that it is completely legal. I know because our neighbors did just this, which to me is akin to being a Peeping Tom.

My wife called the police, and they advised us that, yes, they can do this. Their response was: Why don't you put up your own camera or make sure your blinds are kept closed?

I thought this to be unjust and ludicrous, and I went outside and sprayed the camera with a hose. I was charged with criminal mischief. I know that was wrong, but what is happening to our rights?

The police were impotent to do anything. We don't always have clothes on in this room.

This is Springfield's form of "to protect and serve." What kind of justice is this?

David MacKeracher


Teach kids to stay safe

Our children are at risk. I read the terrible things happening with our kids and wonder why!

I just read the story of the child run over by a garbage truck while he was riding in the bicycle lane along a city street. What was the driver doing or thinking of?

As I was driving down 14th Street in Springfield, a young kid about 12 to 14 years of age was riding a skateboard down the center of the road in the left-turn lane.

Who is teaching these stupid things to kids? Don't the parents teach them there are consequences to every one of their actions?

Every day, I see kids doing stupid things that could very easily get them killed or seriously hurt.

Parents, grandparents, family and friends, please start watching what your loved ones are doing that is dangerous and let them know.

Richard Thomas

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Title Annotation:Letters
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Date:Nov 8, 2007
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