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Column was personal opinion

I inadvertently failed to inform the editor that the Oct. 16 guest viewpoint, "Measure 49 does little to fix Measure 37," which I co-wrote with Jim Just, was a statement of our personal opinions and was not submitted on behalf of the boards or the memberships of LandWatch Lane County or the Goal One Coalition. I regret the omission and apologize for any misconception or misunderstanding the oversight may have caused.

Robert Emmons

Fall Creek

Downtown has other options

I agree that "Eugene deserves a beautiful downtown" and that it needs public support to help make it so.

While I agree that we must "do something," I do not think that we need to equate doing "something" with doing "anything." In the name of progress, we have already "done some things" to our downtown - things that most people agree have been disastrous.

The West Broadway Advisory Committee has made many laudable suggestions. But we are not voting on the committee's "wish list." We are voting to spend $40 million to subsidize the developer's current plan to put an upscale mall in the heart of our downtown. Even if the developers can be talked into dramatically changing their plan, the cost for all those potential changes and add-ons has not been calculated.

Proponents of the $40 million subsidy tell us that "you are either with us and this plan or against us and revitalization." Rather than respectfully consider alternatives to further "mallification" of downtown, the proponents simply dismiss concerns about keeping revitalization affordable, fair and uniquely expressive of our special place.

All we ask is that the discussion be opened up to the consideration of other approaches. The sensible thing to do is to explore a variety of options, with the specifics enumerated and the actual costs to taxpayers spelled out. Until then we need to reject the current "our plan or the dust pan" approach.

Gavin McComas


City has ignored voters in past

We're being asked to cast a ballot in the next few days. Voters' Pamphlets have been delivered and many of us are studying the measures in order to make up our minds on each issue.

I have real hesitation, however, as to the value of casting a ballot. In times past, the votes on local measures have been useless.

The city leaders have shown their disdain for the decisions made by the "benighted" electorate and have reversed what the voters have indicated they wanted.

Is it an exercise in frustration to vote on local measures? It seems that way to me. Yes, I'll vote, but I'm not sure how much good it will do.

Ruth Burgess


Most people should walk more

David Stone (letters, Oct. 13) advocates saving gas and money by shutting off your car's engine while waiting at the drive-up window.

Still more will be saved by parking the car and walking in to do your business with a person instead of an electronic voice. There is even a little exercise involved. Also, service is likely to be faster.

And yet further savings would result from preparing meals at home rather than patronizing fast food drive-ups.

Drive-up windows are a convenience or even a necessity for some disabled people, but most of us can and should walk more.

Jack Stevens


War with Iran is outrageous

Pursuing a war with Iran is outrageously inappropriate and unacceptable. Does the Bush war administration learn anything?

War is not the answer. It has only made things worse. We are intelligent human beings and this is the 21st century. It is time for diplomacy, altruism and accountability for our own wrong actions.

It's time to start repairing Iraq the way they want it, at our expense. It is not time to attack Iran.

Anna Sontag

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Title Annotation:Letters Editorial
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Date:Oct 27, 2007
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