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Letters received in past week: 158

Letters published: 61

What's on readers' minds: Another week in which local topics dominated letters. The debate over the consequences of Measure 37 and the failure of Lane County's public safety tax levy got the most mail. Other topics receiving multiple letters included criticism of field burning, University of Oregon Athletic Director Bill Moos' $2 million golden parachute and a debate over whether it was appropriate to present religious gospel music at the dedication of the new federal courthouse in Eugene.

Rebuild Palestinian homes

In Jeff Wright's Dec. 6 article, "Critics of recent speeches fight forum with forum," Anti-Hate Task Force members said they had raised more than $1,300 and collected more than 500 signatures for an ad they placed in The Register-Guard on Dec. 11.

Money like this could help rebuild a demolished home in Palestine. I respectfully ask all signers of the ad to donate an equal amount to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. The ICAHD is a nonviolent, direct-action group whose work includes but is not limited to opposing and resisting Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the occupied territories.



Medical pot is hard to obtain

As one of the more than 12,000 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients in the state, I have a relevant question, one many other participants in the OMMP are asking also: "Where can I find my medicine?"

I am confined to a wheelchair with severe rheumatoid arthritis and cannot grow marijuana for myself. I receive assistance from time to time, but the system is so inefficient. Because pot is astronomically expensive, patients who choose to grow their own face the threat of robbery and possible assault. And why is it so expensive? Why is this plant worth as much as gold?

The exorbitant rates for high-quality, medical-grade cannabis are solely the fault of the federal government. The feds are not afraid to arrest patients, nor are they afraid to steal our medicine. They will not admit that pot has medical use, while they continue to block studies seeking to understand and utilize marijuana's medical potential.

Oregon is missing the mark by not realizing we already have more than 12,000 case studies of cannabis as medicine in the OMMP, in spite of what Big Brother says.

Oregon's elected representatives need to stop bowing to the federal cannabis obstructionists and represent us.

We need a system that gives OMMP patients safe local access to an adequate supply of our medicine.

Oregon allows "death with dignity" but still struggles with the concept of "life with dignity." We need to change that.



Naked man photo unnecessary

Was anyone else as mortified as I was to see a nearly naked photographer in a recent newspaper story (Register-Guard, Dec. 4), or has our society become so utterly desensitized?

I was made aware of the photograph's presence by my children's shocked squeals as they were looking through the paper for the weather section, a daily morning routine in our home. It seems that along with television, music and magazines, I will now have to police the local paper before my tweens can have a look through it.

As a resident of Junction City, I was aware of the calender that helps benefit our local schools as well as other organizations.

The Long Tom Grange has made it possible to buy new books and other supplies for area schools that would not have been possible without donations from the proceeds of their calender sales. Personally, I would love to see them raise money in other ways rather than baring their bodies, but that's not why I'm writing today.

What I am opposed to is the "in-your-face" way that made it impossible to choose whether or not one wanted to view Jamie Hooper's art work.

A nice piece of journalism with a fully clothed photographer would have accomplished the same as the "nearly naked" expose.


Junction City

Withdraw troops, impeach Bush

The rationale to justify the oil war in Iraq and other sovereign nations has no clothes.

So let's withdraw our troops from those countries and acquire our oil via diplomacy and normal market business practices.

To enhance the healing and to get to normalcy, the Bush-Cheney regime should be impeached immediately.



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