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Farr has impressive record

I listened to the replay of the first Debi Farr-Chris Edwards debate on KLCC radio recently and was impressed by Farr's record in the Legislature and grasp of issues in her district.

However, I was concerned that her opponent tried to misrepresent her record and was corrected by Farr numerous times.

Farr's ongoing community involvement and concern is unquestioned, whereas her opponent is a newcomer to District 14 and doesn't have any real political experience that would benefit District 14 voters. Edwards doesn't seem to have much respect for the voters, either. In the debate, he said Measure 5 was a terrible law, but Farr noted that voters chose to pass it to keep property taxes in check.

District 14 deserves better than a political novice who would only step into a legislative position with a huge learning curve at taxpayers' expense. Farr is an experienced and thoughtful representative of her district and has demonstrated over the years not only her concern for her community but her desire to serve to make things better for Oregon communities.


Eugene City Councilor


Questions about the Sears site

A few questions about the proposed development project for the so-called "Sears hole" across from the Eugene Public Library.

Who is the genius who OK'd the teardown of the old Sears building before a replacement deal was finalized? Is he or she still on the city payroll? And why should the developer receive an 80 percent discount on the selling price, plus 10 years of property tax breaks, to build housing that most people can't afford to buy?



Some want no growth at all

I'm writing in response to Mike Burke's Sept. 25 letter titled "Is our goal to become L.A.?"

I completely agree with Burke. We should freeze this city as far as improvements go. We should make it so that our town doesn't grow at all. After all, Eugene is just a little town known to the world as Track City.

First thing we should do is lay dirt all over the roads in this city. That way we can put ourselves back in the time of the founders of the city. Perhaps then we could all get in touch with what Eugene is all about.

About the highways, it would be nice to have a safe bike route from Cottage Grove to Eugene. In fact, why don't we just create a teleportation system so the bike riders can just hop on, push a button and they're there?

Actually, what I really think is, we should improve only a few things at once, but not the things that are being improved now. This way, I won't be inconvenienced at all. The rest of the city can just wait on the improvements that they deem necessary.


Junction City

Torrey's stance isn't balanced

I keep hearing ads saying that Jim Torrey, Republican candidate in Senate District 7, is "balanced." I question that statement.

Who was it who ensured that transgendered people would be excluded from Eugene's nondiscrimination ordinance? Then-Mayor Torrey promised to boycott any ordinance that would give equal protection to such people.

What is transgendered? When a baby is developing in the womb, the physical aspects of the body develop weeks before the mental and emotional aspects of the brain. In some people, these two aspects do not go in the same direction. The result is that such people are frequently never fully accepted in either side of society. Through no fault of their own, they are subjected to areas of discrimina- tion.

Torrey made certain that transgendered people would always be considered second-class citizens in Eugene. That sounds a little unbalanced to me.



Make public safety a priority

Public safety should be a priority in Lane County. I find it disappointing to read letters like the one on Oct. 1 from Don Allen, who was cited for not wearing a seat belt and now no longer wishes to support tax Measure 20-114.

I would encourage Allen to remember that law enforcement officers are required to enforce all laws. Officers do not create the laws, nor do they have the discretion to choose which laws to enforce. If Allen disagrees with a law, he should consult his elected officials or reconsider how he votes in the future.

As for seat belt use, I would like to point out that according to a report from the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 43,200 died on the nation's highways in 2005, up from 42,636 in 2004. Fifty-five percent of those who died in 2005 were not wearing seat belts.

Perhaps Allen should be thankful that all he received was a citation. He could have become a statistic.



Vote-by-mail imposes poll tax

Bill Bradbury's televised statements that Oregon's vote-by-mail elections system is the best in the nation and should be nationalized are preposterous. Bradbury should resign as secretary of state, as his predecessor Phil Keisling should have done.

The U.S. Postal Service is preparing to hike postage costs from 39 cents to 42 cents per ounce next year, and there's no doubt that mailing a non-absentee ballot in the United States is a violation of the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibiting a (postal) poll tax.

There's no longer on-site, person-to-person, local verification of balloting in Oregon. It's true that voting by mail is better than voting by computers, but Oregon's system is one of the worst in the nation, just barely better than Florida's or Ohio's.


Junction City

Deadwood spraying opposed

I am a Deadwood Creek resident and am aware of the proposed ground spraying of herbicides.

I have done some research on the spraying of herbicides and pesticides and have found not only by that research, but also by personal experience, that herbicides or pesticides are inherently harmful - especially for children.

Nervous system damage is a prominent effect of exposure to herbicides or pesticides.

We here in Deadwood Creek watershed have children and are extremely opposed to the ground spraying of herbicides or pesticides anywhere here. Not only for children does the spraying of herbicides have a far-reaching effect, but also for the other remaining life forms it makes contact with, endangered species being another example.

Please consider all of the ramifications of herbicide spraying.



Legislators need to smell smoke

Hey, I've got a great idea.

Let's have every legislator who continues to support the dark and destructive practice of field burning spend most of July and August in a sealed, unventilated 10-by-10 room with about a dozen rabid chain- smokers.

My hope is that after a few days they would understand what it's like for the legions of allergy and asthma sufferers in our region every time we venture out our front doors.

Banning smoking in bars, taverns and restaurants is certainly a step in the right direction, but should anyone crave the sweet smell of toxic atmosphere, it is always available - right outside the front door.



Farr a strong advocate for kids

I can't remain silent while Joseph Alsup (letters, Oct. 3) criticizes Debi Farr's commitment to education and our kids.

For more than 20 years, Farr has worked in this community volunteering her time, energy and resources because she cares about kids and families.

Farr and her husband are well known for their strong advocacy for Bethel schools, where each of their three children attended. To imply that her support from the Oregon School Board Association is from "education management" is ridiculous!

All public school boards are made up of citizens like me who volunteer their time because we care about the quality of education our kids receive. If Alsup would spend some time at a Bethel School Board meeting he would see that for himself.

Farr continues to work for the kids in her district. Besides serving in the Legislature, she is on the Oregon Commission on Child Care, the Lane County Commission on Children and Families and United Way's Success by Six leadership team - to name a few.

I can find no mention of Farr's opponent, Chris Edwards, serving the community in any way. In addition, if Edwards has a wood products and small business background, why is Farr the one who is endorsed by the state's leading business organizations as well as the wood products industry?

It is because she has proven herself to be a balanced leader who works for the good of her constituents, not for special interests or partisan politics.


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