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Byline: The Register-Guard

Contraception failures happen

In her April 2 letter "No excuse for getting pregnant," Janet Offet suggests "if a woman had to resort to a coat hanger ... perhaps she'd be more mindful of what causes those preg- nancies."

No common method of birth control is considered 100 percent effective. Some popular ones, like condoms, are only 88 percent effective. Accidents happen; statistically, they are inevitable. If women have to resort to using coat hangers again to deal with such accidents, a lack of mindfulness of the circumstances that forced them back into such dire straits is not very likely.



Put more local news in paper

I agree with Judy Gault (letters, April 5). Finding the funnies and other sections of the paper shouldn't be such a hassle. A little consistency would be nice. My other complaint is that the City/Region section is mostly vital statistics and obituaries. If this is truly a local paper, let's have more local news.



The wrong people are targeted

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller would have us believe that environmental and animal rights activists represent a grave threat to the United States.

Unable to differentiate between ideologies and tactics, they keep tabs on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals while decrying "extremists." As they label property destruction terrorism, the government commits crimes against humanity.

The U.S. government has invaded two countries in the last five years, resulting in the horrifying killing of likely over 200,000 people. The level of property destruction from U.S. missiles and bombs must be unimaginable. Gonzales wrote the memos justifying the torture of captives, while his government runs a gulag in Cuba.

Federal policing agencies, in cooperation with local law enforcement, conduct undercover investigations of activist and anti-war groups, Arab and Muslim communities and environmentalists.

Far from occupying the moral high ground, the government is up to its waist in blood and offal. Gonzales and Mueller - and their local equivalents - can claim nobility of purpose, but they are the most venal hypocrites imaginable.



Bettman needs to get a life

One can only marvel at how the actions of the Eugene City Council mirror those of most fifth-grade elementary school students. First the council practically ensures that Sacred Heart Medical Center leaves Eugene. Now, it is embroiled over the content of an errant e-mail.

The latest flap concerns an e-mail in which Assistant City Manager Jim Carlson announced the return of Councilor Bonny Bettman with the exclamation, "She's baaack!"

Goodness gracious, judging from the reaction of Bettman and Mayor Kitty Piercy, you'd think someone called the councilor a card-carrying Communist, or worse, questioned her morality or her ethics.

It's hard to believe that a member of this City Council cannot stand a small amount of ill-advised caustic commentary. If you're in politics, you live in the spotlight. Get used to it. Deal with it. For goodness sakes, Bettman needs to get a life.



Canadians can take a joke

"Beware of Canadian immigrants" jumped off the April 5 letters page and grabbed me by the funny bone. As I read I was at first sure it was serious, then I was more sure it was a classic "tongue-in-cheek" response to an imagined monster under the bed.

I was born in Alberta, Canada. I carry a green card. I served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. I graduated from the University of Oregon with help from the G.I. Bill and recently retired from a 30-year professional career in the field of community corrections.

I'm still Canadian. Two of my five kids are Canadian, and all of my extended family still live in Alberta.

Beware! The monster is alive and well, and is hungry for that foot hanging out of the bed covers. Lost parking spaces? Criminal activity and public health concerns? Occupying all the warm spots south of the 49th?

But Canadians have one positive, admirable trait: We have a great sense of humor and recognize a good joke when we read it. Now, while I'm still chuckling, I'm going outside and hoist my Canadian flag on the front of my mortgage-free house.


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