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Byline: The Register-Guard

Downtown is on its deathbed

I was tickled with Don Kahle's tongue-in-cheek guest viewpoint, "Downtown revival will solve many problems" (Register-Guard, Jan. 18). As we all know, downtown Eugene was put on its deathbed when it was converted to a pedestrian mall and lost J.C. Penny to Valley River Center. The final straw was Sears moving to Gateway Mall.

Taking away more businesses and giving the properties to developers Tom Connor and Don Woolley could be the first scoop of dirt in the grave.



Porter was an Oregon original

With Charles O. "Charlie" Porter's passing, a tall, majestic fir has been reclaimed by the forest.

This Oregon native son of a railroad worker, whose compassion and zest for justice propelled him from local Sunday school and University High School to Harvard and Harvard Law School, World War II, courageous service in Congress and the Kennedy White House before returning home to Eugene, gave his all for a burning dream.

Many of us toiled in his successful 1966 Democratic primary campaign only to have our hearts crushed by his defeat that November. As students, young faculty members, union supporters and committed citizens, we fanned out to North Bend plant gates and Medford neighborhoods to help this brilliant Oregon original who earnestly wanted to join Wayne Morse in stopping the geopolitical tragedy that was the Vietnam War.

The Washington Post's Jan. 6 obituary reads: "Contrarian Congressman Charles O. Porter; 86,' accompanied by a photo of Charlie, microphone in hand, addressing a sign-wielding crowd. The Register-Guard's editorial and columns by A. Robert Smith, loyal staff and others are fitting tributes to a local hero of the "greatest generation."

It was Charlie's cheerful greeting when dropping by his office, his obvious devotion to his family, his passionate racquet sports playing at the Y, lugging around the Sunday New York Times, thick skin and kind heart, patriotic embrace of constitutional safeguards, dream of world peace and ever-churning mind that I'll always remember.



Stop taunting overweight kids

I am 12 years old and I am sick of getting treated different because I am overweight.

I go to Briggs Middle School and I can't even wear a knee-high skirt without having to change. But when skinny girls wear skirts that are a little higher than mid-thigh, they get told how cute they are. I am sick of it and all the name-calling.

I am very active. Who cares about size? Not me! Even though I am overweight, I play sports. Not this year, because I had surgery - but according to kids in my school, I was having a baby. Because I am overweight, people say I must be pregnant.

All this name-calling causes me more stress on top of all the stress from my dad having his brain tumor removed, but nobody cares. I can't even sit in class and do my work without being called nasty names. None of my friends and family think I deserve this. I can be a very good friend if people look at what is inside instead of what you look like on the outside.

I think all are created equal. All my friends try to make me feel better but it doesn't help, since it goes on and on. All this stuff stresses me out so much it's hard to focus on my school and homework. I doubt this will change kids, but the adults who are reading, please be careful of what you say.



Vocal minority may be right

Eastside Alternative School parent Joe Thornton said at the Jan. 18 Eugene School Board meeting that the possible relocation of Eastside is "a Draconian solution that rewards a vocal and divisive minority of staff and parents with policy change."

With that attitude, women would not yet be allowed to vote, and blacks would still be sitting in the back of the bus.


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Date:Jan 28, 2006
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