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Byline: The Register-Guard

Stop obnoxious torture editorial

I am writing in reference to the obnoxious torture editorials that keep appearing on the editorial page. The point has been made, and I am tired of being tortured by this same mundane article day after day after day.

When the United States starts beheading people and showing it to the world, then maybe we need to do something. Until then, if I were a POW and the worst that I got was being tied up, blindfolded and made to bark like a dog, I would thank God that was all that was happening to me.

If this nonsense doesn't end soon, my association with this newspaper will.



Provide public wireless access

Every day, many municipalities in the United States and the world are announcing that they are establishing public wireless networks. It is time that Lane County takes action in this regard and provides a low-cost portal to its citizens for high-speed access to the Internet.

The technology for doing this is not rocket science and does not require great public outlays that cannot be quickly recovered. The benefits to the cities are immediate.

It doesn't take much imagination to see where this can take a forward-thinking city. Any number of problems can be alleviated or solved.

Homeless persons, whose lack of a physical address and telephone is a huge obstacle to overcome to becoming employed and off the homeless rolls, could be loaned a laptop with WiFi so that they could establish an e-mail address and go through the employment process.

It's no secret that tourists and business travelers like to be wired to the Internet no matter where they go. Countywide coverage is definitely a draw.

Lower-income families that cannot afford high-speed Internet could provide their families with all the advantages that go with full access to the Web.

Most cities going through this estimate that the cost of high-speed wireless is about $10 per month per household - a small price for the benefit.

It's about time that Lane County seriously considers getting wired. The age of WiFi is here now.



Pick up litter after parades

I just wanted to express my disappointment in whoever the hundreds of people are who watched the Springfield Christmas parade last Saturday and left Mohawk Boulevard completely hideous.

Sunday morning the sidewalks and gutters were covered with coffee cups, fast food bags and other pieces of garbage. This must be part of the "One cup on the sidewalk won't make any difference" attitude.

Next time let's act like adults and, if we have kids who litter, let's either pick up after them or teach them not to litter.



County tax idea strikes out

Commissioner Anna Morrison's quest for a Lane County income tax, after her preferred Lane County sales tax option signaled sure defeat at the ballot box, seems like a "three strikes and you're out" strategy.

Does the tax you once (federal income taxes), tax you twice (Oregon income taxes), tax you thrice (proposed Lane County income tax) really offer a winnable solution?

Saddling a modest $35,000 annual income-earning family with an extra $500 per year of local tax burden - especially if they're renting or a senior on a fixed income - seems insensitive.

Why does Morrison always go for burdening those most vulnerable? Why not focus the tax at a higher level for income earners above $75,000 annual income who are also homeowners and who could offset the tax against the proposed property tax deduction?



Protect embryonic people

When a person is conceived, no one knows how long that person will live, nor what he or she will be like. Some will never make it to life outside the womb, and some will live for more than 100 years. Some will be famous and accomplish great things, others will not.

Are any of these persons less important than a blue fender butterfly, a snowy plover or a spotted owl? Shouldn't we be just as concerned about pre-birth humans as we are about snail darters, salmon or whales?

Embryonic people are still people. Who will be the next Einstein or Michelangelo? We can't know before giving them a chance to prove themselves.


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