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Byline: The Register-Guard

Cougar hunters don't need dogs

The article "Move to allow hunting cougars with hounds gaining support" (Register-Guard, April 5) presents us with more hunters' logic: A man saw a cougar lounging behind his house. The cougar saw him as well, but didn't leave. "He didn't seem to be too concerned with my presence and that, quite honestly, worries me," the man said.

The article also states that "there have been no reports of cougars attacking humans in Oregon for at least two decades." If cougars have become so docile that you can practically walk up to them, then why is it that you need hounds to hunt them? Oh, I forgot, it's a sport!



Christians don't mean to intrude

I have been reading with interest the commentary concerning Christianity and people's perception of those who are Christians.

It seems that many feel that Christians must keep their mouths shut and their faith out of sight. If we don't, they feel we are being obnoxious and pushy.

Those protesting Christian expression need to know that Christians are just trying to reclaim and put meaning back into traditional Christian holidays. I am aware of the historical controversies surrounding the holidays. The resurrection of Jesus is the most important Christian celebration of the year, and it is our desire that its significance be known and kept alive.

Christians have strong biblically based beliefs concerning people's eternal relationship with God, and all we want is that our neighbors have an opportunity to know how to obtain a relationship with him.

In this politically correct, highly sensitive, biased and opinionated world, Christian expression may be seen to be intrusive. Rest assured that is not our intention. It is our expression of love and concern for our friends and neighbors.



Keep the 'liberal' in education

The recent study regarding the high percentage of faculty members in colleges who are liberal raises some important points. First is the apparent need to label and polarize the population as either conservative (currently in power, patriotic, real Americans) or liberal (wacko intellectuals who have lost their common sense).

Webster defines liberal as "one who is open minded in the observance of orthodox or traditional forms, an advocate of liberalism especially in individual rights." Higher education promotes the testing of new ideas, the rigorous challenge of older ideas and an openness to peer review. In brief, you look for the truth wherever you can find it. Frankly, if my children were not being taught by Webster's version of liberals, I'd be looking for another school.

A bigger concern is the current administration's ability to discredit its detractors with the use of the "L" label, whose definition in our popular culture has been altered. President Bush and his supporters can discredit the best work of environmentalists, ethicists, geneticists, biologists, chemists, geologists, oceanographers, wildlife managers, climatologists, physicians and now educators with one convenient label. And now, they fear, the left-wingers are infiltrating our universities.

Of course they are! Universities are where you find well-educated people.



U.S. also home to nonbelievers

Rod Hoffstot (letters, April 3) calls for "believers" to stand and demand that this country adopt their beliefs. Those who can't or won't are once again invited to leave, to go somewhere where their beliefs rule.

This is only our country if we accept and adopt the mores of the believers. Never mind that we too were born here - the call for crusade has been issued.

Isn't the mantra of "God bless you and have mercy on your soul" the last utterance heard by the victims of the Inquisition, the crusades and the religious wars of the past? Will it be a rallying cry in our future?


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Date:Apr 9, 2005
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