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Byline: The Register-Guard

Liberals have ruined everything

First they ruined birth. Then they ruined death. Now they want to ruin marriage.

They replaced responsibility with relativism, morality with diversity. They replaced academic education with social engineering, assuring that each succeeding generation will tolerate their changes. Ever wonder why our schools hold Human Rights Days but never Human Responsibility Days?

At Churchill High School, I was told they would rather have drugs in school than name calling! Welcome to liberalism.

Liberals function on emotion, not fact. They don't like the fact that marriage was created to honor the commitment between a man and a woman to procreate their children and raise their family. Or that homosexuality is forbidden by virtually all religions.

They don't like the fact that homosexuality is contrary to nature, evolution and science or that homosexuality is a treatable disorder. They don't like current U.S. statistics that reveal raising children in same-sex marriages creates a high probability of producing anti-social and criminal behaviors. Even worse, they don't care.

What kind of parents would choose to live a lifestyle that causes humiliation and shame for their children? It's like convenience abortion; they think only of themselves.

Normalphobia and bigotry have besieged almost all liberals and Democrats. The battle of national secularism - laziness, ugliness, irresponsibility, jealousy, obesity, promiscuity - just slapped the United States in the face. I'm not turning the other cheek.



Why no anguish in their faces?

With a handful of the gray and graying, I recently watched Errol Morris' film, "The Fog of War." It was a weekday evening, which may explain the sparse attendance. Or perhaps folks just won't sit through two hours of numbing monologue delivered by the architect of a war that ended 30 years ago. And anyway, we have our own war now.

What struck me, though - what really cut through Robert McNamara's droning account of the Southeast Asian quagmire - were the faces. These men - Secretary McNamara, President Johnson and others - truly suffered the nation's loss. Their anguished faces dominate the telling, mirror the wasted lives gouged into their being, spilling out now, decades later.

But the first anniversary of war in Iraq brings more names, faces of the 570 American servicemen and women lost in our current war abroad (Register-Guard, March 19). I look, and try to imagine each face as a coffin. The coffins we are not allowed to see, only the fine faces smiling back at us with the promise of youth. They are all our children, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers. Why can't we see their coffins coming home?

I cannot look at these faces, or Robert's face or Lyndon's face, without wondering why I see no anguish on the faces of today's leaders. Anguish comes from within, and it's just not there.

See the film. Isn't that what we really have today: Leaders who take war and someone's death as just the cost of doing business?



Red Cross offers training, too

The article on Medic First Aid (Register-Guard, March 14) showcased this local business well in explaining its offerings and challenges. However, many people don't realize that their local American Red Cross is a premiere, non-profit provider of health and safety services like first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training.

The Oregon Pacific Chapter of the American Red Cross has been serving Lane County since 1917. Your local Red Cross teaches adults and children how to detect and prevent emergency situations as well as how to respond effectively when injuries and accidents occur. Nationally recognized courses offered to the individual or business include first aid, CPR, anti-choking and CPR for the professional rescuer. Classes for businesses, schools and community organizations can be arranged to fit each group's needs. This training provides the skills for anyone to be able to administer the appropriate life-saving techniques wherever they are in the workplace, at home, on the field or while on vacation.

In fact, in 2003 more than 25,000 Lane County residents received Red Cross training. In our continuing pursuit of excellent customer service, we've also expanded our offerings beyond the Bethel Drive location to include a classroom facility on Centennial Boulevard in Springfield - with much thanks to Dot Dotson's for donating that space. The Red Cross plans to continue such expansions to rural communities to provide quality training throughout Lane County.


Oregon Pacific Chapter

American Red Cross


People need some quiet places

I have a dream, too. As spring returns and brings everything back to life, I find myself wishing to commune with nature. Just to sit in the majestic beauty of a forest and hear the birds chatter is so renewing. Unfortunately, to do this, one must go to one of the Oregon state parks. There, like as not, one will not be able to hear the chatter of birds over the roar of off-road buggies, boom boxes and the howl of adolescent males in the night.

My dream is that there could and should be places for people to go who are there for peace. I envision making some of the state parks areas where such activities as those described above would be unacceptable. There should be places for all. And heaven knows the mainstream culture, with their diesel-spewing motor homes and dune buggies, have more than their share.

People who agree with me should contact the state government to see if this dream can be a reality. If indeed the meek shall inherit the Earth, I'd like to see at least a little of it happen in my brief span.



Don't miss movie's message

Please don't let Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" fix your prejudices. Let in, instead, the portrayed miracle that Christ gave his life for each of us in all humanity.

Is Gibson's movie passion or propaganda? Our world has become as much driven by propaganda as by love.

The movie critic for The New Yorker opines that the Gibson movie promotes hate, based on undeserved violence rather than the Christ's message of love for one another.

If we heap hate on those we don't like, we truly have missed the message.



Clarke's charges ring true

The Bush administration's desperate attempt to smear Richard Clarke actually demonstrates the truth of the serious charges Clarke wrote and testified about.

In an interview with his pal Rush Limbaugh, Vice President Dick Cheney defended the administration by saying that Clarke, the administration's chief anti-terror coordinator, "wasn't in the loop, frankly."

An administration that was serious about defending America from terrorism would have kept its top counterterrorism expert in the loop. Instead, the administration's obsession with Iraq, a country without the means or intent to assist terrorists, left us vulnerable.



Bike trail needs maintenance

She walks in the afternoon sunlight, wary of tripping and falling over the numerous potholes she cannot see. The guide dog at her side can help her avoid other dangers, but not the potholes. This is the bike trail that runs east-west between Fifth and 31st streets in Springfield along the Eugene Water & Electric Board easement.

My children learned to ride their bikes along this trail, and daily one will see many small parades of families on bikes, dogs walking their masters, senior citizens trying to limber-up sore joints and children on their way to and from school.

This trail serves several hundred people a day and has been here for at least 25 years. It has never been resurfaced and is rarely even repaired. Why?

There is a new trail called "The McKenzie Levee Trail." It runs along scenic 42nd Street in Springfield and has a marvelous view of the Weyerhaeuser plant on one side and busy 42nd Street on the other.

This ribbon of concrete runs about one mile and has fancy lights every 200 feet or so. These lights are expensive and were installed by an electrical contractor out of Salem. So much for using local workers.

On my numerous trips past this trail, I have only seen two people on this trail - one of them sitting on an ornamental bench. No fancy lights or benches for the EWEB trail. Why?

You can expect excuses and explanations for these disparities, but the fact of the matter is that we as taxpayers are not being served.



Defense budget never gets cut

For the last several months, I have been reading that Social Security will soon be brought to its knees. Now it seems that Medicare will surrender in the near future.

I have yet to hear of any news that the Department of Defense has been defeated in the battle for budget dollars.



Bush could deliver on strategy

Headline in the Los Angeles Daily News: "Bush's 90-day plan: Trash Kerry fast."

There's little doubt President Bush will be able to accomplish this. After all, look what he's already done to the economy, jobs, the budget, the national debt, Iraq, the environment and this country's standing throughout the world.


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