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Health care is a human right

In 1950, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed Dec. 10 as Human Rights Day, "to bring to the attention of the peoples of the world the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations."

It would seem to be an appropriate day for Americans to give some serious thought to the fact that health care is a human right that we don't have in this country.

In 30 of the top 34 industrialized nations, people take for granted that health care is not only their right, it is absolutely vital to the public good, like having a fire department. Fire departments cover everyone, and no one gets a bill.

Of those top 34 countries, only four don't have some type of universal single payer health care financing - Turkey, Chile, Mexico and the United States.

That calls for some serious skepticism about our privately owned for-profit health care system.

Bob Fischer


Media thrive on racial conflict

Protesting to shed light on injustice is a right protected in this country by the Constitution. Therefore it is sad to see it directed and perverted by the upper-class owners of the broadcast media.

They love to see conflict and division along racial lines, which is a nice, effective diversion from the true class division that is wrecking the middle class as we become a two-class society. It is doubly great for them - the manipulated conflict is broadcast 24/7 as some sort of cheap-to-produce "reality" show with the good guy and bad. Is it Ferguson or "The Truman Show"?

Not to say there is no police militarization at odds with human rights and the Bill of Rights - there is. But the truth is there will be - and should be - no indictments in Ferguson.

There should be a grand jury indictment for the illegal choke-hold, and shooting a 12-year-old with a toy gun is criminal, typical of the militarized police.

Two groups have been working on this and have produced reports documenting the problems. They are the ACLU and the CATO Institute. The reports are online and should read by all to see the real problems - not some made-for-TV version of reality.

Michael Lee


Funding shift is outright fraud

The first sentence in The Register-Guard's Dec. 6 editorial on the state's salmon license plates states: "Broken promises have ramifications." I disagree.

Taking the hard-earned dollars of people who chose to come up with the extra fees to improve access for salmon, then actually spending it on an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board employee's salary and office expenses, is not a broken promise - it is outright fraud.

Whoever was responsible should be terminated and be subject to a criminal investigation. This is exactly the type of shameful behavior that puts one more nail in the coffin of government credibility and trust. In addition, all of the money that was spent for anything other than what was promised should be refunded to those who paid the extra fee.

Ken Hamilton

Junction City

Group seeks to save Civic asset

There will always be scrooges out there, people who will squash any effort to promote hope - hope for the homeless, hope for funding our schools, hope for peace, hope for good nutrition, hope for clean air and, yes, hope for the betterment and uniqueness that is Eugene.

Hope seems mostly squashed by lack of money and scrooges. I hope that the vision articulated at the Eugene City Club by the Alliance to Save Civic Stadium will become a reality. I hope for it. I yearn for it. Kidsports Executive Director Bev Smith's proposal to build an activity center to help with the physical activity of our youth would not only help them but would also provide health fitness opportunities for the entire community. It is an ambitious plan with potential funding sources from grants and donations.

The alliance wants to save our historic stadium, to put down an artificial turf field for the burgeoning sport of soccer, and has plans for many other amenities that our community will enjoy. The group's conceptual drawings of our 10-acre Civic Stadium site show how it could be transformed into an incredible community asset.

Our forefathers wanted this land as a community recreational oasis. They even put their wish in the deed. The Alliance to Save Civic Stadium re-establishes that restriction. Big time.

Joe R. Blakely


Remembering the CIA's history

The decades of CIA incompetence and maleficence should not be forgiven. The "Bay of Pigs" Cuban fiasco, JFK's assassination and 9/11 illustrate this organization's reluctance to share information with the FBI and Secret Service. The placing of operatives amongst the polio vaccination teams in Pakistan led to team members' deaths. The overthrow of the Chilean and Nicaraguan governments are distant history. At present, the torture debacle disgraces America.

This agency's actual utility is questionable, and its turpitude is undeniable.

Tom McCartney


The 'transformation of America'

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have interjected themselves into the Ferguson debacle. Their involvement is part of a larger stratagem to "fundamentally transform America," as promised by Obama.

Fundamentally transform - that's a rather nebulous term. How does it work? Pit your fellow citizens against one another based primarily on race and money, with the promise government can right all wrongs. The only requirement is that you surrender your personal liberties and subjugate yourself to the belief government knows better than the individual.

After all, our country became "rich" through exploitation of minority groups and the pillaging of natural resources in an insatiable lust for power and money. Only the angels of a central government, which has no agenda, can be trusted with the "common good." Redistribute the ill-gotten wealth and level the playing field - from each according to our ability, to each according to our needs.

Is it working? Vacuous, servile enablers and a sycophantic press are doing their part. Their hope resides in the multitudes remaining largely uninformed and uncaring.

This, my friends, is what Obama meant by "fundamentally transform America." Or do you believe, "Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence."

Obama vs. Jefferson: your call.

Steve Bowers


No more 'commoner' stories, please

Please spare readers any more accounts of some American "commoner" breaching British protocol by touching a touring member of their version of the Kardashians. We settled that nonsense in the 1700s. A good protocol for Americans to follow would be to tell one of that ilk to get a job and quit being a parasite on the hard-working "subjects" of their country.

Joe F. Decker

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