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Hall wasn't sowing hate

I am such an admirer of Bob Welch's writing, sensitivity and wit, but I appreciate Tova Stabin's Feb. 22 letter regarding hate speech from the Pacifica Forum. Bob Welch is wrong about that. Stabin is right. We should not sit in silence in the presence of hate speech. When they exercise their right to say it, we should exercise our right to counter it.

Stabin made an excellent point that because anyone has a right to speak, government is not required to provide them a forum to spew hate!

Welch also alluded to a speech at the University of Oregon by Gus Hall of the Communist Party USA, equating it with Nazi hate speech.

Where did he get the idea that Gus Hall was sowing hate? Because Communism is a bad word? Hall was advocating for workers' rights and unionizing. While you may not favor labor unions, socialism or health care for all - or even our public schools, libraries, fire and police departments - I can't see how support for any of these could possibly be construed as "hate."

Sitting by, doing or saying nothing, permitting hate speech unquestioned is the next thing to expressing it yourself. It is the way the media allow dangerous and harmful misinformation to stand and build, when they air it in the name of reporting the news and don't question or respond to it, either by ignorance or by design.

Complacency is not our friend.



Soldier, parents deserve honor

I would like to express my condolences to Erin McLyman's family. The reality of our own daughter being in the military struck me while reading the news of Erin (Register-Guard, March 18). I can identify with Erin's family; however, I will not pretend to understand the pain of their loss.

To Erin's parents, thank you for raising a daughter who knew what mattered. We mourn with you, her husband and family.

To the rest of us: We live in a society that allows us to express our opinions with little constraint. Regardless of your political views, please honor those who chose to serve in our military. Their service is what protects your freedom of expression, among so many other privileges as an American. They took an oath to serve and protect, even to the point of dying for us.

Please remember and honor them.



Are all Oregonians rude?

I recently had a bad experience at Costco in Eugene. As you know, the parking is usually bad - we're always looking for the right spot. I was taking my daughter, 37 weeks pregnant, so I wanted to make sure our parking spot was better.

We found a spot that two people were leaving, so we waited with our turn signal on to take the first available parking spot. So many people drove by looking at us to see if we were waiting. I was signaling that we were taking that spot.

As one person left, one car whipped in and took our spot, not even signaling us. I jumped out of the car and said, "You are so rude - why are you taking that spot? We were waiting for the spot." The woman who was sitting in the passenger side told to me, "Chill out! There are two spots so we just took one."

I told her about my daughter, we were waiting and going to take the first one. So she stated, "This is Oregon, so just chill out."

I asked my daughter afterwards, "What does that mean? All Oregonians are rude? I don't want to be thinking that Oregon people are rude!"

Are all Oregonians rude?



Kelly chose the hard road

Many recent letters to the editor criticize University of Oregon football coach Chip Kelly for not banishing those players who recently behaved so badly and created so much hurt for individuals and the community. One letter even suggests that Kelly himself be fired for not doing so.

What those letters offer is a dark and dismal world where no one can take responsibility for their hurtfulness, their self-centeredness, their arrogant entitlement, their stupidity, and learn the necessary lessons - to grow up and move on to a good, honest, decent life. What an awful world it would be if that world were our only choice.

Fortunately there's an alternative: to both hold people responsible and give them a hand, if they're willing to accept both. And the great paradox is that, when we do step up and help others to leave their hurtful ways behind, we also liberate ourselves from the powerlessness of victimization.

I applaud Kelly for choosing the hard road, the road of light. Since there are no guarantees, he is taking on a sizable risk, both personally and professionally. But having spent a chunk of my life on the dark road, I can attest to the power of the light.



Belt Line has addresses

Jack Roberts claims (letters, March 18) that no businesses have a Belt Line Road address. In fact, The Register-Guard Federal Credit Union and other businesses in the strip mall at the corner of Gateway Street and Belt Line do indeed have Belt Line addresses.


Cottage Grove

Try again on naming

As I read the opinions of local people about the plan to rename Belt Line Road, I'm struck by the disconnect between what the governor is attempting to do and the response of Lane County residents. It's very clear that Gov. Ted Kulongoski wants to honor Randy Pap and the efforts Pap has made on behalf of Eugene-Springfield, Lane County and the state of Oregon.

I have read no letters that would disagree with this sentiment. I didn't know Pap personally, but it's clear that he was loved by many and appreciated by just about everybody as he generously gave of his time, talent and resources. It is entirely appropriate that we show our appreciation for these gifts. What the governor does not seem to get, however, is that the outrage which he is hearing really doesn't have anything to do with Pap.

People seem to be concerned about two issues: They don't want to spend $250,00 to change signs on an old road, and they know that changing the signs on Belt Line will not change the name that people actually call this road. It will always be Belt Line, whether we name it after Randy Pap or anyone else. In addition, we are a county in dire need of so many things. Renaming an old roadway is not one of them.

We want to show our appreciation in a way that will actually matter. This idea does not do justice to Pap. Let's try again.



Goldman really runs things

I don't think Goldman-Sachs will let the people have affordable health care. It will not make their shareholders any money. Goldman-Sachs runs our government, not the people! We vote to give us the sensation that we are making a difference and that we still live in a democratic country.



Victim is entitled to respect

How can Charles Hinkle, attorney for The Oregonian newspaper, be so callous as to say that in the Jeanette Maples murder case, "Unfortunately, she no longer has a right to privacy"?

Surely a 15-year-old girl who only weighed 50 pounds at her death should be entitled to respect, at least.


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