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Byline: The Register-Guard

Make sure your voice is heard

"Don't complain if you don't vote." I am sure many people have heard this phrase growing up. I sure did.

I now know exactly what they meant and how important it is to get out and vote. We are at a time of vital importance on both a national and local level. We need leaders who will represent us - the people - not their own interests or themselves. We are the controlling force. They are elected by us to be our representatives.

We must make sure our voice is heard in this election. Don't sit back and let others decide for you; don't leave your ballot blank. Be sure to vote on all the local races. They will affect your life. Vote and you'll have the right to complain all you want!

Teri Kohley


Obama desperately needed now

As a 67-year-old independent and a veteran, I will vote for Barack Obama because he is a visionary at a time when America desperately needs to believe again - in itself, and especially in the better American self that the world also wants to see demonstrated again.

He is a consensus builder and honestly believes in the need to bring people from different perspectives together in support of important goals. Obama understands his limitations and is wise enough to know that he needs a strong and experienced Cabinet to advise him, including people with viewpoints that do not always agree with his.

He will be willing to talk to Americans about things that they sometimes will not want to hear but desperately need to recognize. Obama is very bright and well educated, and he understands the benefits of talking to, and listening to, those who have come to dislike America.

Obama believes in and wants to see enacted a plan for mandatory public service, with plenty of choices beyond just having to serve in the military.

He understands the racial problems of this country better than most of us do, and he wants a future in which opportunity in America honestly and truly is blind to race, color, sex, nationality and religion.

Obama got where he is today without a big family name or lots of money, just hard work, determination and an optimist's view of what the future can be. He cares deeply for this country.

Bruce H. Anderson


Will sexism hurt McCain-Palin?

In regard to Ed Sullivan's Oct. 21 letter, I would submit the following:

I believe that if the John McCain and Sarah Palin ticket is not successful in this election, it won't be because of their lack of leadership, but sexism. I hope and pray that I am wrong, but sexism is alive and well in this country. Help prove me wrong. Vote for McCain-Palin!

Nancy Henderly


Dancer will protect elections

Oregon's secretary of state should ensure that Oregon's election offices can operate accurately and efficiently.

One aspect of a reliable election is a voter registration system that allows enough time for election workers to validate the identities of those who register to vote. Voter registration deadlines make this possible.

We have two main contenders in the race for secretary of state, one of whom advocates the ill-advised policy of election day voter registration (Kate Brown) and one who realizes that election day voter registration is a disaster waiting to happen: Rick Dancer.

Dancer has consulted Oregon's election officials and understands the grave danger election day voter registration presents to our election processes. Brown, on the other hand, shows a deplorable lack of respect for Oregon's election system, falsely implying that Oregon experienced an election "mess" such as Florida experienced during the presidential election eight years ago.

On the contrary, Oregon's election system is so superb that for the last eight years Oregon has served as a model to other states seeking to improve their voting systems. We can't afford to entrust our elections to a woman who obviously isn't aware of the excellence of Oregon's election system, and intends to take an important safeguard away from that system. The legitimacy of our votes and our elections is at stake.

Let's elect Rick Dancer, the candidate who understands the work of our election officials. We need a secretary of state who will protect our votes from election day voter registration fraud.

Jenny Peasley

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Title Annotation:Letters Editorial
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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