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Byline: The Register-Guard

Gun rights are fundamental

Ofer Rabon, an associate professor of law at the University of Oregon, wrote a guest viewpoint demonizing gun ownership and the Supreme Court's decision to uphold it (Register-Guard, July 6).

I for one believe that the Supreme Court's decision shows astute reason and rationale.

Rabon claimed that the decision "contradicted conventional wisdom of legislators." Viewing most wisdom coming from legislators, I'm feeling more pleased with the court's decision.

Now for the more analytical readers, let me explain something. A lie can sometimes be full of truth. You just need to leave some truth out. It's called a lie by omission.

When Raban pointed out that the citizens of this fine country need not arm themselves anymore from "an oppressive military force," he wasn't telling you everything. The people shall have the right to secure a citizen militia to protect themselves, even if it's from their own government.

The Founding Fathers knew all too well that the people must be in charge of government, not the other way around. To ensure this, the people must have three rights; the freedom of speech, the right to assemble and the right to bear arms.

Adolf Hitler knew this and used it to his benefit. Thankfully, the Supreme Court knows it as well, for our benefit.

Brian P. Cramer


Stop your whining

I am sick of hearing the whiners complain about field burning. It is about the time of year The Register-Guard's Diane Dietz puts in her two cents' worth about the subject.

Are you a transplant from out of state? Did you do your homework and learn about the area you were moving to? Our beautiful Willamette Valley is well known for several wonderful things that newcomers and the eco's seem to think they should change.

We were the grass seed capital of the world. It was great revenue for the state and people.

Valley burning has been going on here long before any of us were born. Our native peoples burned the valley floor.

Outsiders and eco's come here to escape where they are because they see what a wonderful place this is. But they bring their problems with them and want to change us upon arrival. That includes field burning (killing another Oregon industry), sales tax (voted down nine times), our timber industry (save the owl, which is dying anyway).

I loved Gov. Tom McCall's attitude on tourists. Come have fun, spend money, go home.

The smoke you are breathing is from California wildfires. Field burning is not the problem.

TrudyAnn Gripp

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Date:Jul 17, 2008
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