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Byline: The Register-Guard

LCARA has been responsive

The Lane County Animal Regulation Authority is being criticized for its adoption practices, staff attitudes and customer service.

That has not been our experience. We have made numerous trips to the shelter in the last year looking for a dog to adopt and also have filed several complaints regarding bicyclists being threatened by dogs at large. In every case, the animal services staff has been very helpful and courteous, often under difficult circumstances.

It is quite apparent that the county animal services program, like most other county departments, is understaffed and the facility is too small. For at least this set of Eugene customers, we have been pleased with the service we received from county staff, and it was clear to us that adopting animals was a very high priority of the program.

The enforcement staff also has successfully prosecuted every complaint we have filed regarding dogs endangering bicyclists.

Dave Whitlow

Cheryl Zwillinger


Do drugs drive killers to act?

What's up with this Omaha mall shooting? Have we all lost our minds?

How many times will such actions occur before we begin to realize this is not a natural "reaching out to be noticed" occurrence of youthful insanity? I just don't buy it.

Like Kip Kinkel, I would suspect that each of these killers was driven to their madness with the assistance of drugs. Not street drugs; the very pharmaceuticals that our nation's physicians are prescribing.

Why haven't we seen a combined report regarding the treatments - or lack thereof - as well as the pharmaceutical prescriptions that each were taking and their similarities, if any? I can only believe that there is a common thread between them all.

Kinkel was on such drugs. Antidepressants were connected with the Columbine shooters, the Finnish school shooting, the Amish shootings, the Virginia Tech shooting and now Robert Hawkins in Omaha.

I believe it's across the board. We had better get to the bottom of this now. This is our right and our responsibility to our children.

Ross Howard


New veterinary center will help

If you are a cat or dog without a home or who lives in a family with a low income or no income at all, Lane County is not a good place to be.

In Lane County, there are an estimated 40,000 strays and ferals, as well as an estimated 54,000 cats and dogs living with families who are homeless or who have incomes below poverty levels: 94,000 animals essentially without access to veterinary medical services, including spay-neuter surgeries.

And, of course, high volume spay-neuter, along with increased adoption, is the solution to this tragic overpopulation crisis in this county.

For the past several months, the executive directors of county animal shelters and welfare agencies in Lane County have been working together in an effort to alleviate this massive suffering. Out of that collaboration, the Community Veterinary Center was begun.

Community Veterinary Center will provide full-service veterinary care on a sliding scale for companion animals in low-income families. It is a 501(c)3 organization fully endorsed by not only the animal welfare and animal rights groups in Lane County, but also by directors of the county's human social service agencies and by city and county governmental officials.

To open this clinic, we will need the help of everyone in Lane County who cares about the well-being of our county's companion animals, everyone who is saddened and outraged by the needless carnage called euthanasia.

To find out more about Community Veterinary Center, call us at 607-8088 or visit our Web site at

Diana Huntington


Campus area needs more police

I have heard reports of a man who has attacked several young women, presumably students, over the last few days in my neighborhood. The man is still a threat.

Since the beginning of this term, I also have seen at least six cars with windows shattered by thieves, including two in the locked (supposedly secure) garage of my apartment on Hilyard Street.

My roommates (both females) and I no longer park our cars in the garage, and I am now afraid to walk to and from campus alone after dark. This is hard to avoid as I am a student, it is finals week and dark starts at 4 p.m.

I'm wondering why I don't see more security in this area considering the ongoing crime. I am frustrated that I saw more police at a party I attended last year than I have seen on the streets near my apartment in the last three months.

What is the city of Eugene doing to solve this issue?

Elizabeth Meyerding


Economy thriving under Bush

Here are some basic truths about the economy under President Bush:

The gross domestic product grew by 3.9 percent in the third quarter; productivity was up 4.9 percent in the third quarter; 1.25 million nonfarm payroll jobs have been created since January; 8.4 million nonfarm payroll jobs added since 2003; the federal deficit is a mere 1.2 percent of the GDP.

All of these positives occurring in a horrible soup kitchen America that we are hearing about from every Democratic candidate? Give me a break! Typical lies, again and again.

Can't we just get the truth, or is the media that in bed with the Dems? Of course, we all know the answer.

Make this simple observation: Has anyone seen a story since the "Democratic takeover of 2006" about what the Republicans need to do to get back in power? Of course not. All we hear is what the Dems need to do to retain power and get more.

Why don't journalists do their jobs and do what is right - that is to tell the truth? I just wanted to get some facts out there to dispel the liberal media's lies. Be prepared as we'll hear them for the next year as they try to get Hillary Clinton into the White House.

We will also hear these same lies from the Democrats themselves. Who can you trust? Not a Democrat.

David W. Larson


Eugene needs a can-do attitude

I read Hugh Prichard's op-ed piece (Register-Guard, Dec. 2) with considerable interest as Hugh and I have been partners on four projects in Eugene, three of them downtown.

Beginning in 1989, Hugh and Lorig Associates - I was a partner at Lorig from 1989 to 2006 - teamed up to develop several interesting projects with many local investors. Although my company is based in Seattle, I chose Eugene as a place to develop because of the enthusiasm of the City Council, City Manager Mike Gleason and city staff.

Mayors Ruth Bascom and Jim Torrey also were right in there with us. We worked as a team to "make things happen downtown." We moved forward with the historic renovation of Lincoln School because of everyone's can-do spirit. The same was true with U.S. Bank Center and Broadway Place.

So why did we stop? The city still seems to have a will toward making a better downtown, but it is disheartening that the development of Broadway Place would be impossible under current code constraints. As it is more difficult and costly to develop downtown, the process requires visionary public-private partnerships to address the additional obstacles.

Removing the impediments in the code is a necessary, but not sufficient step to making downtown a dynamic and inviting center. It also will require the can-do attitude that has created proven success in the past.

We all need to support city staff and elected officials who are willing to look beyond code conformance to good results. The vitality of our downtown and our city depends on it.

Harris Hoffman


`Al-Nakba denial' pervades letter

Claire Gumbs' Dec. 4 letter, "Palestine no longer exists," provides a flagrant example of "al-Nakba denial." No less objectionable than Holocaust denial, our human rights community should protest this ignorance.

Gumbs' letter reflects a carefully orchestrated, 59-year campaign of al-Nakba memoricide in an attempt to legitimize an apartheid state supported by U.S. taxpayer money. Gumbs states, "there is no such thing as ... a Palestinian." Please tell that to the indigenous refugees and their families of the 531 villages and 11 urban areas that were brutally ethnically cleansed in 1948. Palestinians with U.N.-registered claims against Israel now number more than 4 million, the world's largest refugee group, now spanning four generations.

Called "al-Nakba" ("the catastrophe"), this Arabic term should be as familiar to us as the Holocaust which it soon followed. The campaign to expel as many Arabs as possible - in any way possible - was executed against a largely defenseless population by the Jewish terrorist groups Haganah, Irgun and the Stern Gang.

Israel's Palestinian victims continue to be denied their basic human rights under the U.N. Charter, the Geneva Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and some 90 U.N. resolutions against Israel. Peace in Israel-Palestine will elude fruition until Israel's 1948 crimes against humanity are acknowledged and the right of return or just compensation is granted to the refugees as required under U.N. Resolution 194 and pledged by Israel upon admission to the United Nations.

For background, read Israeli historian Ilan Pappe's book, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine."

Mariah Leung


Paper picked the right lead story

I think The Register-Guard should be commended for leading with the Highway 38 slide on Dec. 6 instead of the Omaha shooting.

It might be argued that the shooting is more important news, but important to whom? Closing of a major highway for an extended period of time affects a lot of us.

All most of us get from the news from Omaha is disgust, and I think the newspaper should get a big attaboy for sparing us from facing that at the breakfast table.

Leslie Chapman

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