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Petraeus criticism un-American

In response to H. Patrick Clancy's Sept. 22 letter, I would like to say that saying Gen. David Petraeus is "just following orders to spin the war to fit President Bush" is not only hogwash, it's downright un-American.

That is like me calling Clancy an idiot - no basis in fact, but just an opinion, based on his left-wing, hateful letter. I would say that the general isn't out to do the bidding of the president any more than he is out to do the bidding of the Congress.

Petraeus stated facts, and he has the numbers to back them up.

And as for Fox News, why would Clancy or anyone not watch Fox News? It isthe only news source to give both sides to any opinion. If Clancy would watch Foxhe would know that every roundtable discussion it hasincludes both conservatives and liberals. Every roundtable discussion listens to both sides.

I like George Stephanopoulos, but his roundtable consists of far-left columnists who work for the likes of The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. He never has an opposing point of view. Give me Chris Wallace and Bill O'Reilly any day of the week.

Clancy needs to study facts and stop spouting nonsense. If he hates this country so much he should move to Iran. Let's see him spout off there!

Jeanne Ross


Arboretum is a private nonprofit

The Sept. 24 Register-Guard contained a report on the improvements that Mount Pisgah Arboretum is making to its infrastructure.

Unfortunately, this otherwise excellent article furthered the too-common confusion between the arboretum (a private, nonprofit organization funded by memberships and gifts) and the Howard Buford Recreation Area, a much larger 2,363-acrepark controlled and funded by Lane County.

From the beginning of HBRA in 1973, the arboretum has leased an area (expanded in 1996 to 209 acres) within the park. Our lease specifies that the arboretum is fully responsible for the improvements and maintenance of its area. These two jurisdictions at Mount Pisgah have cooperated well over the years, but the arboretum receives no tax support.

In its role as an outdoor museum of living trees, the arboretum also conducts a large nature education program for both children and adults. All our endeavors, including both the completed pavilion and the other improvements we are undertaking now, are fully funded by private contributions and some foundation grants.

Theodore Palmer


Mount Pisgah Arboretum


Never mind what voters want

I think that it's great that Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the Democratic Party are now at the helm in Oregon.

Life is so much simpler now, and its no longer necessary to get all worked up about anything political in our state. These people in Salem know what is best for everyone here regardless of how the people vote.

Just look at a couple of the goofy things that Oregon voters put into law over the last couple of years. The Measure 37 property rights law and traditional marriage between a man and a woman are just two examples.

With help from our governor and the Legislature, these may soon become void. Additionally, so that Kulongoski can make better decisions in dealing with the Public Employees Retirement System, he has hired two of the education union's top labor officials to help solve this problem.

We may also soon be able to enjoy marine reserves which will set aside large ocean areas and beaches from any human activities. Even though most scientists and citizens of our state feel that marine reserves are not needed, Kulongoski knows better and will probably sign them into existence. If nothing else, his name will be associated forever with these things.

Thank God that we now have such an elite group in charge that knows what is actually best for Oregon in spite of how Oregonians feel or whatever screwball proposal people might vote into law.

Keith O'Dell Comstock

Myrtle Point

LTD should focus on its workers

You would think that new Lane Transit District General Manager Mark Pangborn would want to capitalize on the rotten egg laid by former GM Ken Hamm, then turn that rotten egg into a golden egg.

Well, think again. The new leader is playing the same old games as the past leader. The union and employees are not asking for a pot of gold, but to keep what we have and to keep up with the cost of living in wages and retirement packages. The current contract has long been expired, and LTD is refusing to give retroactive pay from the end of that contract.

Instead, the district wants to buy more "toys" that are not needed. It's all about experimental equipment and games,and not about the people out there trying to serve the public.

Yet, as of Sept. 20, the LTD board approved a 3 percent cost of living raise for Pangborn. He will get his raise in his wallet on time, bringing him to a salary of more than $133,000.

Can the people who are the heart and soul of LTD - drivers, customer service personnel, maintenance workers and others - get a pay raise for cost of living on time? No.

Will we ever get people in these management jobs who respect employees' little requests for some recognition and respect? Maybe, if we start sending them back to college. Then they can learn the new ways of business management from the great professors at the local colleges.

Justin Martin


Copper-Salmon worth saving

I join The Register-Guard's Sept. 11 editorial in applauding Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Peter DeFazio on their introduction of bills that would protect the Copper-Salmon area as wilderness.

It's really important that we protect the last great salmon runs like those found in the Copper-Salmon area. This area should be protected not just for the abundant fish and wildlife, but also for the quiet solitude that it provides.

This bill would ensure that this often forgotten wilderness gets the protection that it deserves, so that future generations can continue to experience for years to come all that the Copper-Salmon wilderness has to offer.

Eric Anderson


Clinton fans can thank Bush

It does appear that Sen. Hillary Clinton is on her way to the Democratic nomination and an eight-year stay at the White House as the president.

It is no small thing that George Bush has so skillfully torpedoed his own presidency that he has placed Clinton on the glide path she is on today. The skills and abilities that we need are the ones Clinton is displaying: a keen understanding of the modern U.S. polity and an ability to get along with the U.S. public, from both red and blue states.

Bush has made so many careless errors and has so completely undermined the legitimate need for security for U.S. interests in the world that it appears that even the military-industrial complex is now supporting Clinton for president.

What a change from just a few years ago when the GOP was the stalwart of corporate world domination. Now the wife of the man who brought the world NAFTA is poised to become the most powerful person on the planet.

Gerry Merritt


Measure 50 is Orwellian, unfair

Back in 1949, our English professor made us read "1984" - and doesn't Measure 50 look a lot like the "Big Brother" of George Orwell's forecast?

To me, it seems unfair to single out smoking addicts to pay for children's clinical care. Where's the connection? While smoking is admittedly a health hazard, so is obesity. Why not install body-mass sensors in the checkout lanes and tax the bulgy ones on their carts full of snacks and beverages and starchy foods? Add that factor to Measure 50, and we'll more likely believe its sponsors are truly interested in public health.

I smoked two packs a day for 50 years but quit seven years ago, and now just have a cigar off and on. What puzzles me today is the litany of fears that we now live with. In my past, I've blended millions of gallons of fuel with tetra ethyl lead, tested PCBs for dielectric strength and handled lots of asbestos, all with no breathing devices, and I'm now healthy at 77.

I'd like to think that I came from a can-do generation that didn't look for excuses or someone else to pay the bills. Just do your job and shut up!

Measure 50 might pass, but will that be a "1984" deja vu all over again?

Bob Fritz

Coos Bay

Conquer Alzheimer's disease

On Oct. 14, our local Alzheimer's Association will hold its annual Memory Walk. Proceeds from the Memory Walk go directly to local services and programs for people with memory loss and their care partners.

Currently, more than 80,000 Oregonians and 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's. That's one in every eight people age 65 and older. Every 72 seconds someone develops this terrifying disease. Unless we find a way to change the course, 16 million Americans could have Alzheimer's by 2025.

Chances are you know someone struggling with Alzheimer's disease or someone caring for a loved one who has it. Please support our local Alzheimer's Association chapter. Without the dedicated work of their staff and volunteers, many people in our community would face a more dismal outlook. We can make life better for others and help conquer Alzheimer's disease.




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