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Byline: The Register-Guard

Delta Ridge a traffic nightmare

Why does the City Council feel Eugene needs another hospital? Could it be a negligent City Council?

It is common knowledge in the medical profession that PeaceHealth and McKenzie-Willamette/Triad are fierce competitors trying to attract a limited number of medical dollars in the Eugene-Springfield area. There is not enough business for two major hospitals in the area. Portland has one hospital per 250,000 residents. The tax revenue envisioned by some members of the City Council will not be there because most of the business will have gone to PeaceHealth as it is now building its new complex.

The congestion at Belt Line Road and Delta Highway is enormous during peak traffic hours, which are now most of the time. When Belt Line West slows to 5 mph, the traffic backs up on Delta Highway to about a mile back from Belt Line to the Goodpasture Island overpass. The traffic is further congested 100 feet north of Belt Line at Delta and Green Acres Road because of the commercial area. Furthermore, gravel trucks from Eugene Sand & Gravel need to enter Delta Highway.

The Delta Ridge hospital will add more traffic and 3,000 autos twice a day on Delta Highway. I am a professional engineer in Oregon. I estimate that it will cost about $500 million to adequately improve the traffic area affected by a new Delta Ridge hospital. Furthermore, there is no vacant land to make the improvements, and overpass ramps will be required. What a mess.



Stand up to Zionist oppression

Where in Lane County can anyone dare tell the truth on Israel?

Not in the classroom, since there is no tenured Middle Eastern American professor teaching politics; not in newspapers, since there is no Middle Eastern American writer allowed to write regularly. In a nefarious local and national campaign reminiscent of the infamous McCarthyism of the 1950s, the Zionist lobby has tried to intimidate Americans from speaking out with accusations of anti- Semitism.

The truth about Israel, however, can be found in books and archives. For example, last month the British National Archives released proceedings of Winston Churchill's wartime cabinet meetings. On July 2, 1943, Churchill made his intentions clear on the creation of a Jewish state: "I am committed to creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine. Let us go on with that, and at end of war we shall have plenty of force with which to compel the Arabs to acquiesce in our designs." Indeed, their designs were imposed on the hapless Muslims of the Middle East. An exclusionary, racist state was militarily created.

In the spirit of Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Geronimo, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Rachel Corrie and Edward R. Murrow, we have to stand up to injustice and Zionist oppression everywhere.



U.S. hasn't learned from past

I might not be a political scientist, but after watching the PBS special "Watergate Plus 30," I cannot help but draw similarities between that atrocity and today's administration.

I challenge anyone to dispute the facts of secrecy, stubbornness and disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights presented by the current administration. What does it take for the human race to see that history does indeed repeat itself? We must learn from our mistakes or we are doomed to repeat them. This seems to be what is happening today. We have not learned from those mistakes! Would someone please explain to me why this is so different from what Richard Nixon did to our country?

I can see the responses now: Bush is not Nixon, this is not the Cold War, we have different enemies. These are the same excuses used every time for the use of these abuses.

If you do not believe this please be my guest and examine our recent history - 20th century human race. Please help us stop this idiocy! We deserve so much better.



Rethink birth announcements

According to managing editor Dave Baker, the newspaper does not "include in birth announcements the names of unmarried partners unless they're biological parents" (Register-Guard, Feb. 22).

With so many medical techniques available to assist couples who want to have a child, The Register-Guard can't possibly have the resources available to ensure that only biological parents are listed. Do the editors truly exclude unmarried couples who have used a donated egg or sperm? Do they wait until paternity has been established before printing a birth announcement for unmarried male and female partners?

Surely the newspaper must be relying on the word of the new parents - new parents who are exhausted, overjoyed, perhaps even a little in awe. But whatever their emotions, they know that they are their baby's parents and want to share the news of their family with the community.

Take their word for it: Rebecca Flynn and Sharon Flynn and other unmarried partners of the same sex are as deserving of a birth announcement in the daily newspaper as unmarried partners of the opposite sex.



Iraq is corruption at it worst

The war in Iraq isn't about terrorism or national security. It is not about democracy, nor is it about liberating the Iraqi people. It's not about oil, and it's not about freedom. It is simply about government contracts.

Billions are being made and billionaires are being created as we pay companies like Halliburton and Parsons exorbitant amounts of money to do whatever they are doing in Iraq. Of course, there is no way for the American people to know how much of this money is being used wisely or efficiently, or at all. Nor is there any easy way to know how much of it is kicked back to various Republican campaign coffers or Swiss bank accounts. This is corruption at its worst.

This is not Enron stealing employees' life savings. It's much worse than that. It's young men and women being maimed and killed so that others may profit. Anyone who still supports this war either doesn't understand it or is benefitting from it.



Political system needs reform

The current condition of discourse in these United States represents failure at federal, state and local levels. A proposed solution follows:

We must require those running for or holding office to state unequivocally what they believe. If they do not, dismiss them in favor of someone who does. We have settled for the best criticizers instead of the best representatives of "we the people."

We must require those elected to immediately reform campaign standards. We have settled for a system in which the one with the most money wins. Many qualified would-be candidates will not beg for money.

We must require office holders to statutorily reform lobbying standards. We have settled for a disgraceful influence-peddling, money-chasing system that ignores the people.

We must require elected representatives to speak and represent our beliefs rather than the media. Frequently we hear the media state what America or the people feel. Do they speak for you? Have you designated the media to state your position on the issues?

We must require our elected representatives to immediately cease the vicious partisan attacks in favor of legitimate, intelligent and representative debate. We have settled for an attack-dog spirit.

We have failed ourselves. Let us demonstrate informed, intelligent choices at election time. We must preserve the greatest nation in the world. Our current condition does not!



Time to support school funding

Now is the time for all Oregonians who care about our children to work together and find permanent ways to adequately fund education and services for children.

Recently, a tax court ruling nullified Eugene's city levy that funds many programs benefiting children, including music and P.E. in our schools. This ruling demonstrates that people who care about educating children cannot be complacent.

There are those among us who are callous enough to attack voter-approved funding for children's programs to advance their anti-tax agenda. Individuals who understand that education is critical to a thriving economy and civil society need to stand up to these radical ideologues. Our legislators should be providing the leadership to ensure that all Oregon's children receive the education they deserve.

I am hopeful that the Oregon Supreme Court will reverse the tax court's devastating ruling and conclude that the voter-approved city levy is constitutional. However, we can't wait for this ruling to act. Visit to learn more about efforts to reverse the decline in Oregon's education funding.



Clinton has media bamboozled

The nomination, by the editors of The Register-Guard, of President Clinton for the job of special envoy to deal with the genocide in Darfur was stunning.

Let's review Clinton's well-documented qualifications:

He sent troops into Somalia. But after several were killed and dragged through the streets, he cut and ran.

On his watch, 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda. Hundreds of thousands more were maimed with machetes and gang-raped. While Clinton never lifted a finger to save even one, he now admits that he "probably should have done something."

As the most powerful man in the world, sitting on the greatest economy in 50 years in the wealthiest nation on earth, Clinton couldn't spare a pittance to fight the AIDS epidemic ravaging Africa. President Bush has contributed more.

The Register-Guard is in good company, though. Recently, Newsweek reminded us that Clinton was "America's first black president." Goes to show that if you've got the media bamboozled, spin is mightier than actions.


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