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I find it difficult to understand how anyone could possibly be critical of these Harry Potter books. They are well-written, interesting and capture the imagination of young people - and adults, also. Why would anyone feel it is necessary to raise such a fuss over books that appeal to youngsters? Really, some of the most famous books have themes that could be criticized (if one is a troublemaker). ``Alice in Wonderland,'' ``Huckleberry Finn,'' ``Tom Sawyer,'' just to name a few.

- Bea Grodell

Newbury Park

Golf course foes thanked

I want to thank the hundreds of people who took the time to speak out against the Hill Canyon Golf Course. Your voice was heard, and you saved Hill Canyon from the threat of a golf course. Thank you for your diligence and commitment. You let it be known that there are sensitive, irreplaceable natural resources in the canyon that must not be destroyed. For those who e-mailed, came to meetings, spoke to your elected officials, left voice mails and wrote letters: You stopped an environmental and financial mistake.

Hopefully, the very land that was to be a golf course will now be zoned open space, which is the zone for neighboring Wildwood Regional Park. Open space is also the proper zone for this key wetland habitat and is consistent with the demands of the California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a required wetland mitigation area in order to complete work on the decaying sewer line. By abandoning the golf course we can now move forward on the sewer line replacement and, through required mitigation, make Hill Canyon an even better natural environment.

Thank you for speaking out.

- Linda Parks

Mayor of Thousand Oaks

City Council snake oil

What kind of snake oil would the four Thousand Oaks City Council members have us swallow when they claim the sewage treatment plant and the city-owned agricultural land were bona fide reasons for them failing to zone Hill Canyon as open space on Oct. 5?

For everyone's information, roads are allowed in open space. Check our municipal codes; they're on the Web. Also, although the city owns the agricultural land that was to be used for part of the golf course, the council can't zone it anything at all - It isn't within the city's sphere of influence. This information was in that $2 million EIR the council and the Conejo Recreation and Parks District tossed in the trash a couple of weeks ago.

The dimwitted idea that the use of Hill Canyon as a mitigation bank would be considered open-space zoning is absurd. City Attorney Mark Sellers at least got that right; conservation easements have nothing to do with zoning.

These reasons given by Councilmen Fox, Markey, Del Campo and Gillette for not initiating the much-praised zone change in Hill Canyon are nothing more than prevarication. What's the real reason for this (latest) broken promise?

- Roger Barker

Thousand Oaks

Fox stance inconsistent

I would like to thank Thousand Oaks Councilman Andy Fox for saving Hill Canyon. I would really like to - but I can't. To thank Fox at this point would be as false as the motion he made at the City Council meeting last Tuesday night. Let me explain.

I am one of the many people who want to see that the Hill Canyon area is zoned natural open space. On Sept. 21, the motion to put this issue to the voters failed, with Fox stating, ``No fair-minded person would say that we have near enough information to make that decision.''

By the Sept. 28 joint powers authority meeting, Fox had apparently gathered enough information to decide to cancel the golf course project outright - a motion he made himself.

I was surprised at his reversal from the week before. I was happy to hear his proposal to leave Hill Canyon in its natural state. When I read that his recommendation to the council was to change the zone from public lands to open space, I thought Hill Canyon was saved. But, as it turned out, once the press had published their stories and the people had gone away, at the Oct. 5 council meeting, Fox made a U-turn and moved to send the issue of rezoning Hill Canyon to staff for a report instead.

The reasons given for this delay sound like backpedaling. Fox has taken three completely different positions on zoning Hill Canyon open space in the last three weeks. I wonder what position he'll take on Nov. 2, when council meets again? As a community, I think we should go and find out and let our presence be known. Public comments begin at 6 p.m.

- Ann Mathias

Westlake Village
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