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What is so wrong about film's title?

RE: Austin Powers: The Title That's Shocked Us (Evening Telegraph, July 27).

I had to write to express my disagreement and anger at yours and the readers' views.

Why, in this day and age do certain people feel the need to cloak the whole concept of sexual intercourse with taboo?

How do you expect children (of any age) to grow up with a healthy and open attitude to sex when in so many cases it is hidden from them in varying dangerous degrees?

It is hilarious, really, that people can be so repressed/narrow minded that they find it unacceptable to have to explain the term used in the title of the Austin Powers' film to their children.

Let me suggest this: Dear son/daughter, the word is a humorous/funny word used to describe having sex.

The next question then is what exactly is sex? but at least then they'd be on the right track.

Stephen Patterson,

Denham Avenue,

Allesley Park.

... I AM writing to complaining about the article about the new Austin Powers advertisements.

I am deeply outraged to believe that people would moan about one particular word, when there are so many other things to worry about around the world, like Kosovo or the stupid bicycle ban in Coventry centre.

Why slate one particular film for its title? It's not hurting anyone.

I've heard worse obscenities from the Spice Girls and yet they are not banned from any advertisements in the city.

Besides, the advertisements are advertising the film not sex; the more people that realise this the better.

So please stop complaining and enjoy the film for what it is.

Merrie Dalton,

Dickens Road, Keresley.

Cycling debate

AS a motorist, cyclist, and a mother of two boys with bikes, I am well aware of the problems that arise for everybody concerned.

Cycling to work is dangerous. I cycle into the city centre to work, and for 20 minutes I have to have my hands on the brakes, so when I go past a side road I can brake when the motorist hasn't seen me.

As for the city centre, I feel they should put a cycle track right through the precinct. People should be quite capable of looking both ways before they cross the track.

It would be interesting to have some statistics, how many pedestrians are injured/killed by other pedestrians in assaults, muggings. Motorists killing/injuring cyclists. I should think they are a lot higher than injuries or deaths caused by cyclists.

Peter Collard must think we are easy picking because most of us are law abiding citizens. Probably he would like to sort out the young thugs who hang around town causing trouble.

I am in a total support for cyclists to have some form of bell fitted. When I cycle on the pavement I am aware that pedestrians have priority over me, I have always told my children that as well.

As for my children, I know my oldest cycles on the road, but my fear is a policeman knocking on my door to tell me my son has been knocked off his bike.

One last thing to motorists, when you look in your mirror or pull out of side roads don't just take a quick glance.

Valerie Elliott,

Macaulay Road, Wyken.

... YES, definitely ban cycling on pavements

I was knocked down by a cyclist on a pavement two years ago and it has left me terrified of cyclists on pavements.

It's not an irrational fear I have but a very real one (by the way I am not elderly).

The comments by Brenda Stone and Superintendent McGinty seem to suggest it's only a minority of cyclists on pavements who are reckless - I totally disagree.

Cycles and pedestrians do not mix. I work in the High Street and daily have to contend with cyclists in the precinct most of whom take no care at all.

Pavements are the one place where we should be free to stroll along and not have to constantly look over our shoulders. So I would say yes, ban cyclists from pavements please.

Name and address supplied

... IT'S all very well to talk of banning cyclists from city pavements - but who will enforce this?

Just take a look at the High Street, Coventry, and the ban on vehicles other than buses.

The constant stream of cars, taxis and commercial vehicles using this street during the day makes a mockery of the notices at each end and I can't see that notices banning cyclists from the pedestrian precinct are any more effective.

Why introduce laws that you don't enforce? It's a waste of everyone's time and effort.

Mrs Florian Barker,

East Avenue,

Stoke Park.

Straight to the POINT

IN addition to the letter from Fulton de Feazier (Your Views, July 26) I would like to add a plea from the 40-50 somethings who still love dance and have a good time.

Two friends and myself car share to Birmingham twice a week to go dancing.

Why? Because there isn't anywhere for us in and around Coventry - not that we have heard of.

There are plenty of places for teenagers but who wants to go out and feel like everyone's grandparent? Come on Coventry let's have discos for the over 30s (and with rock and roll) for us too!

Sue Crichton,

Bellairs Avenue, Bedworth.

I DON'T know what the government is thinking of doing away with duty free. It will cause a lot of unemployment and redundancies, costing the country a lot of money.

I am surprised at Tony Blair, I thought better of him than that. I think he has got to step in and reverse this action.

Les Hancox,

Manor Guild, Coventry.

EVERY year thousands of new cars are put on our roads. How can we make space for them?

An idea came to me that if all motor vehicles were cut six inches shorter in length this could and should help to reduce the congestion.

Taxation could also help to make it cheaper for the smaller motorist.

W R J Thompson, Easedale Close, Styvechale.
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